Elon Musk And Twitter


  1. You're litterally my favorite YouTuber why is everyone so afraid to say what's true.

  2. Now he needs to buy FB I'm tired of getting thrown in jail bc I hurt a libtards feelings 🤣

  3. so this means i can say what i think without getting my 2nd twitter account terminated in under 24 hours

  4. I think they forget we ended slavery the Democratic party were the party of that , patriots ended that, now there the party of protecting pedos click clat

  5. Lmao I fucking love you. "Well there's one" my step daughter grandma literally called different on my once and tried saying I was touching her inappropriately… well let me tell you something. I would do a life sentence with no hesitation if I even caught someone putting there filthy hands on a child. She called and said I was taking pictures of her in really big shirts that showed her chest… .. long story zhort.. it wD the grandma's shirt she gave her to wear. And she sent a video to her mother ND I saying hi. I wasn't taking pictures. People like that deserve a free hole dug for them

  6. I just met my daughter that I didn't know I created not to long ago. I was emotionally happy. Thank you for your music. She was born a month after my mom passed away.She was named after my Sister.

  7. Don't no if u see ur comments Adam Calhoun.. u got a person who responded to me on a comment section of a picture of u in a chair in the driveway. Well I left a comment to do with the picture an caption wrote an he responded today watched it like days ago. He's saying he's u an trying to get people to go to Whatsapp to invest with a dude name charlie.. it's a scam people an Adam if u see this maybe u can let people know not to fuck wit it .. maybe this will help someone maybe not..