Elon Musk Successfully BUYS TWITTER, Leftists Melt Down & Threaten To Leave

Ron Bassilian
@Ron4California (Twitter)

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  1. I hope the leftist quit, they have caused enough chaos and hate. Hell they started wars through twitter…😒

  2. Elon Musk biggest breakout of Prison.
    All those in Twitter Jail gets busted out!

  3. Twitter Tis only one oft many of thy Greatest of Runes, scattered through the Lands Between for decades. Be it as it may, Elon hast undoubtedly began his journey unto becoming Elden Lord

  4. These wouldn't happen to be the same people that said they were moving to Canada if Trump won the first time would they??

  5. Those threatening to leave Twitter won’t. They’re cowards, besides where would they go?

  6. If Twitter were to allow anti-'climate science' ads, they would get a lower ESG score and thus less investment

  7. (sigh …) ian barfs out more of his typical conspiracy paranoia. I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned big pharma yet

  8. Ian's brain is running a constant substrate of "how can I make this conversation stupid?"

  9. Thank you for clearing up what “verified” means. Thought it meant I am important and a keyboard warrior.

  10. I just think it's funny even more people are showing their true colors after this all these leftist just freaking out

  11. good.. and Elon should have them escorted out to be certain they are not doing anything untoward on exit..

  12. Bread and circuses… that is all. If you don't see this fact, you are either a grifter or a moron. Either way, odds are good you and I are never going to cross paths.

  13. Lefties saying they are going to leave twitter is just like a child saying they are going to hold their breath and then they are going to die and then you are going to be in trouble and then you are going to jail and then you are going to get passed around in the shower for a couple of cigarettes – then they hold their breath until they turn red…and forget the whole thing except for their bad temper. They are not going anywhere.

  14. "But this bad thing, but this bad thing, but this bad thing, oooo wait but this bad thing." Ian's arguments are always "but it's still wrong because it's still wrong and no matter what anyone does on anything anywhere any place for any reason, it's still wrong"…. I'm convinced he just wants to get the last word in and sound smart

  15. 9:45 Verification vs. Bots. For the blue check mark $5, fine, whatever. But there needs to be another way to verify too. Photo ID, email verification & cell phone confirmation — all 3 to get a GREEN check mark for free. After confirmation, the data is removed from the main servers, so it isn't kept in internet access, but on it's own servers, where it could be accessed separately, if needed. But it's also voluntary, not mandatory. Then Elon Musk has a target list to try and weed out the Bots of those who didn't verify, to make things simpler.

  16. It is possible that Tim himself was part of the reason that Elon bought the obviously bias and disingenuous Twitter, when he took them to task on Rogan. Hopefully Elon sacks the current CEO and that insufferable lawyer in his first week of ownership.

  17. I think it’s time to put in the suicide booths and see how serious these lefties really are. Those weak asses would be lined up around the block to climb in there