Timcast IRL – Elon Musk BOUGHT Twitter, Deal Is Done And The Left Is OUTRAGED w/Ron Bassilian

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Guest: Ron Bassilian
@ron4california (Twitter)

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  1. Ian is the best part of this show and he keeps me watching/listening.

    I NEVER know what he's going to say, and while sometimes it seems very non sequitur, other times it's eerily salient (if in his strange, unique way). If you hate Ian and his commentary, look inside yourself and search your mind for why you project so much hatred towards a man that doesn't know who you are and likely harbors little ill will towards you. Ian is a very transparent person, and I love and appreciate that about him.

    Ian, in his own way, taught me how to be more accepting of others' opinions, even when I disagree (though I find myself often in agreement with him, even if at a merely high-level "meta" kind of level of understanding (teehee, that reads like Ian said it lol)).

  2. You know something you really need to talk about that that both the right and the left should be able to get behind is how discussing civil asset forfeitures and literally breaks all of the original amendments. Do little research

  3. Anyone remember when Tim said buying stocks in tech companies was a bad idea with Rumble…. but Elon with Twitter is good. Hmmmm

  4. A big cause of many of these issue is a lack of private property.

    It doesn't really matter what is allowed under the law, what matter is who has the power, which is politicians and corporations, and they will exert their will through regulatory capture.

    Ownership IS authority and the flipside of authoroty is responsibility, they are logically intertwined, you cant have a legitamite version of one without the other. If a "private property" owner doesn't have the authority over their property, then they don't really own it. If they aren't responsible (read liable) for it, they don't have authority.

    Another issue is conflating private with public or shareholder owned. Private MEANS separate from the public, which a shareholder owned company is not. A shareholder owned company IS a publicly owned company. (Yay socialism.)

    Another issue is not recognizing what the legal structure of a corporation in the U.S. is. A corporation in the U.S. is a contract with governments, that GIVES UP private ownership in exchange for reduced legal liability. A corporation is not a private company, even if you retain the civil authority to take it private again. The whole purpose of the corporate structure is to insulate the company operators from liability, so they don't have to bear the costs/responsibility of their mistakes.

    That responsibility and ownership are deferred to the government, and (supposedly) to the people.

    A corporation is not a person, it can be morally regulated.

    A privately owned thing cannot be regulated by the government or it is not privately owned (unless the government is a monarchy. )

  5. This one's incredibly exhausting. Ian, predicate everything under reasonableness, understand that nuance exists and stop being such a fuckin moral relativist confuse-er of the point.

  6. Ian being the usual dimwitted broken clock. Free the code so everyone gets their twitter, IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY DUMBASS.

  7. Tim is 100% wrong. Your business can refuse service to anyone. Tim’s big head doesn’t know how to back down and throw his weight around.

  8. 1:13:00
    July 4th 1776 is our birthday. "Today is my birthday"
    "What does that mean?? Are you trying to create something new to challenge us!?"
    😂 that sh** was funny~

  9. I had my only Twitter account suspended, it was mainly just to follow politics and developers. I politely criticized a journalist who was an extreme feminist, they got triggered by my comment and it got my account suspended.

    I appealed the suspension and it's been 1 and a half years and it's still suspended. I've not used Twitter since.

  10. Buy stock and then buy the company get more value out of stock. big brain move

  11. 1776 is also year when illuminati was established, maybe that is why they are so angry

  12. Free responsible speech. Free speech has limit if u wont take responsibility for what u say u have no freedom to speak.

  13. Ian literally takes all points, and takes the left's culpability out of them and rephrases them in a disingenuous way.

  14. 27:14
    "I don't think [Elon] understands, truly, what that will mean to open the [free speech] floodgates."
    What, like Elon has never seen 4chan?

  15. You can ask anyone to leave for any reason. A bus stop is a public space in a sense. But if I work for the bus company I can walk up and ask you to leave for any reason.

  16. Hate to cast shade, but this Ron guy makes Ben Stein look Richard Simons… until he got super animated and rose to the level of Ben Stein. I like a lot of what he had to say but… wow

  17. I fucking hate when these twits talk legal anything. If you open yourself up to the public, you cannot discriminate based on a protected class. If you are on private property you CAN be stopped from passing out fliers etc.

  18. My fav thing to say now is “oh you don’t like the Musk business?? Guess you have to raise $$ for your own platform”

  19. The Rothschilds will just fund some other platform and their anti-white communist followers will all move there.

  20. I'll exercise my limited speech no this privately owned public platform by saying this. Drop Ian and gain paying members.

  21. Good Night by Dylan Thomas. “Go not gentle into that good night. Rage against the dying of the light’ or something like that.

  22. Tim can be so absolutist and disingenuous with Ian, it’s very strange. Always talking down.

  23. I got the perfect new Twitter name (post Musk acquisition) TWITTER MkII >Mk usually denotes "Mark" But in this cace it would denote "Musk"

  24. as for the other companies thats easy he waits for them to go to shit like twitter then buys them out problem sloved

  25. 20:57 Tim, if enough people take your attitude to not even engaging with unverified people (because they're soooo beneath you), then that, more or less, forces paid verification on people. You can't make the argument that they don't have to pay it. Your argument becomes moot and asinine. Not to mention that you essentially are just creating a new exclusive club that stifles engagement. So how is this any different from the current status quo? It's not, besides the fact that it allows you to live in your own bubble. Stop being a damn hypocrite.

    And I hope you like Cancel Culture, because it's going to be even bigger.

  26. Twitter management who is not political, if any exist, were probably chasing ESG nonsense.

  27. Plot twist: what if there’s literally nothing wrong with the Twitter code…?

  28. Tim: tries to communicate in an assertive fashion the importance of being stoic in a movement/business.
    Ian: proceeds to make drama about someone's age.

  29. 1:15:52 – "The American population's response to the Obama presidency was the most disgusting let downs of my life." – Ian…that was a huge 20 right there, bud.

  30. You know what I don't get? Its the fact that we had unfettered free speech before this whole canceled culture movement came about and everything was fine. Somehow overnight all these groups just suddenly decided you can't say this or that and now we have issues going back to way things were? Take it all off the table and let everyone say what they want. Just like TV you don't like something you can change the channel you don't like a conversation don't get involved. Personally I believe all this came about because of Obama's repeal of the Smith-mundt act which made propaganda illegal. That's when you saw journalism go out the window and everything became an opinion piece and it's unintended consequences turned into canceled culture

  31. And the think that black people were the canary in the coal mine because everything y'all just mention about what happened after 9/11 have been happening to blacks since before 1776 and continue on to this day.