Insane Leftist Freaks Out Over Elon Musk Buying Twitter at Plano City Council Meeting!


  1. “Covid keeping me unemployed for the past 4 years” pure fucking gold, I’m saving that one

  2. Wtf if our freedom of speech doesn’t match your belief that doesn’t mean we cant say what we want. Your saying something that doesn’t match up to others belief anyone can say whatever they belief thats what is freedom to speech n not to match only n only to your belief then where’s the freedom there??? Nonsense

  3. You can't parody the woke freaks. But the kitchen-sink realism is still very funny.

  4. “I can’t believe Elon Musk bought Tesla” man’s needs to focus on the script lolol

  5. Respect for texas for allowing him to speak. Whether its funny or not thats his 1st amendment right.

  6. He’s purchasing a one way ticket to Ukrainian that’s a relief Thank goodness the Russians can deal with him over there.

  7. Yo, Cassady I've been with you since 2017 and I remember the first day I discovered you I watched for about 2 or 3 hours and then the rest of the summer I just laughed my ass off! 😂 I think one of the first videos I saw was you walking through the mall on crutches and then falling front of a bunch of teenagers! 😂 and then you were a Wankster hitting on a bunch of middle-aged women who eagerly told you to get the hell out of here! Then there was the historical Rich homosexual, and the guy that went to Harvard or Yale that went around insulting everybody, and you can forget the gym guy walking around with a gallon of water! 😂 and then I didn't think you could get much better when you were the Army General 😂 and of course the guy at the gun store screaming to the top of his lungs in people's faces was insanely hysterical. What was so funny about that was you would go from 0 to 60 in a Split Second! A much younger friend of mine just wanted to watch it over and over again because she found it darkle how you would lose your mind and scream at people in a Gun Shop! This new character is just simply raw natural Talent and I am completely shocked that you have not done a full motion picture by now… If they've confronted you and you've declined the offer I can completely understand. Keep up the good work!

  8. Democrats party of the KKK and now everyone knows it ! Jim Crow Law Joe, 1994 Crime Bill Joe, Thanks for the laugh Cassady lol 😀

  9. Before people say this is homophobic this isn’t hating on LGBT+. You can be gay or bi just don’t make your whole life revolve around it & still be a normal person as if you were straight.

  10. Funny as it is. Did it get a response from Joey or Camel? Good job crew, keep working on wasting of the people's minds.