Johnny Depp Reveals Elon Musk Is The Father of Amber Heard's Baby

Johnny Depp Reveals Elon Musk Is The Father of Amber Heard’s Baby
Elon Musk is Amber Heard’s baby daddy and Johnny Depp has decided to prove it! Depp is working on exposing Elon Musk as the biological father of Amber’s baby in the next court trial. So, why does Depp believe Elon is the father to Amber’s daughter and how will this affect the upcoming trial?

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  1. She prob. Planned it! It’s a secure money for her! That baby needs to be removed from her care! She’s not mentally or emotionally sane enough to be a mother!!!! She is pure EVIL! She’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do on her Judgement day to God!

  2. The baby is adorable – but – having a baby without having a ring was "normalized" a lonnnnng time ago!

  3. Johnny Depp looks so druggy and awful in that thumbnail! If you're trying to support him, you're not doing a very good job lol!

  4. I hope he took financial precautions coz I can’t imagine that a baby is all she wants.

  5. The baby actually does resemble Elon, I'd so he has to be the most stupid man in the world. He is obviously easily manipulated! She doesn't love him just like she didn't love Johnny. If Elon gave her a baby he is screwed for the rest of his life! She will take him for everything he has.

  6. Amber Heard. This is a grudge baby. In other words! “Someone who’s had it in for the father”😂😂😂

  7. Elon is not her baby father! He is too powerful and she would not have his baby because he would take it aaay from her! Why would Elon donate???? The father of her baby is most likely a bank donor with strict animosity attached to the conditions and not willing to be part of baby’s upbringing.

  8. Doesn't matter if you don't work again if Elon Musk is your baby daddy😅 couldn't have found a more lucrative deal!

  9. I don’t think Elon will testify. Who wants to be involved in this mess of a woman.

  10. Is musk a real person? I feel he is a clone of some sort. Man made?
    Because he does look different in a slight way

  11. Since her career is done for after this trial she will be set for life since she has Musk’s child. Like JD security said on the Australia audio tapes she knows exactly what she is doing.

  12. I doubt Johnny Depp cares a fig for who the father of Amber's child is. He called Elon Musk a "mollusc" .

  13. A Females eggs can still be harvested as can sperm from the male without sexual relations

  14. Elon may be coming to the realization, as the rest of us are, what a piece of work AH is. I would hope he insists on a paternity test, and if he is the father takes her to court for custody. She isn’t fit to parent.

  15. I bet she manipulated Elon into donating sperm for her baby at the same time he paid $500k to the charity she had promised $$ to. What a nightmare if he did father that child….

  16. Musk tell the truth!! Or that sneaky actor guy you also. Never watch u again thank you . Can u tell I don’t like liars. Did you hit AH & co help frame JD? Is the baby yours? Save her! Hello most abuser have a toy they use help cover them. One day your next.. Hello karma is real

  17. Amber es patética! Pobre niña !
    Si es la hija de Elon podemos entender quién está financiando el juicio . 🙄

  18. Even if she filed for divorce, she is still married until the divorce is finalized.

  19. For me it difficult to look at Amber ,It would be weird if after this she still have a career left . Seen comments from abused women who are angry and shocked offended by Amber. I feel for Johnny who was deliberately targeted by this person and then careless and reckless slandered by her , broke his career,and still risking it all she feels like nothing can happen to her invincible ,, ,, so now she has a daughter of Elon Musk richest man of our planet , who gonna have to worry for his mistake , physical & mental health and safety for his daughter in Amber's care ,, isn't this all ridicules.

  20. Another child victim of a sociopath. Too bad she is lying about how much she cares about the baby when she just knows that people love moms.

  21. I've been up close and personal to a similar situation……a man with money will look after his child the mother

  22. Lol ….correct. gold diggers use their beauty to trap a man …men are so vulnerable to beauty. I have to laugh……