Elon Musk Reveals He Would Reverse Twitter’s Ban Of Donald Trump

Elon Musk said Twitter would reverse its ban of former President Donald Trump if his purchase of the social media company goes …


  1. akan segera dimulai pertarungan antara winson dan el. aku sebagai yang bukan netral akan mendukung winson untuk menang, karena si winson sendiri berasal dari cina, dan aku jarang banget ngelihat orang cina kalah wkwk. jadi buat yang mau nonton pertarungan atau pertandingan ws (winson) vs el, bisa di tonton di holywings indo, tanggal 12 juni.

  2. It’s already going to be a train wreck with Elon Musk takes Twitter, it’s going to be a huge train wreck if Trump’s Twitter ban gets overturned… most of what Trump said on Twitter were lies, and conspiracy theories… he should be lucky that he got banned! It should have been done 9 years ago already! If you’re really going to run for president, the number one rule that they should have is Don’t lie to the American people, and DO NOT run America as a business! The American people deserve the truth and America runs like an economy, not a business

  3. Elon Musk is going to reverse USA history by bringing in lunatics who will to the excitement of American extremists promote alternate BS realities.

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  5. I don’t trust Musk.. what is he? A fake hero??? Remember neurolink.. he’s not innocent.. great reset

  6. Free speech isn’t just for liberals.. you sound ridiculous calling trump scam. He was the most successful president ever…

  7. 3:35 Sangita is so spot-on on this one! Elan has had an ulterior motive for this acquisition all along. As for "alienating half the country" he is about to piss off way more than that by repealing the lifetime banishment of the Inciter-in-Chief.

    {Those persons that had been kicked off the platform for good ought not be re-instated; the new rule should apply only after the point in which the "evil genuis" formally/legally has ownership thereof.}

  8. these floundering fish are painful to watch. they have no brains. if your idea only works when you ban the opposition, then guess what your idea doesn't work.

  9. Dear person that's reading this, seriously we don't each other but I wish you a long life full of Happiness!✨ Past is gone, blaming won't bring anything, so accept things and keep moving forward. You're precious gem if you value yourself 🥰 Your smile is precious, and all the keys🔑 of a Happy Life is in your hands 🔓

    I believe in you, love from a small YouTuber 🖤.

  10. You should give examples of Trump's exact hate speech or racism, rather than saying Trump practices hate. I can't find any from where I'm in Africa, but I do find lots of hate on the left, on CNN, the View, CBS etc, Antifa, BLM. Be honest.

  11. He spend 44 billion to give trump his cult back and win 2024.
    No it did not alienated half of the ‘country’

  12. LOL those anti trump people are so insanely obessessed about trump almost like they are paid to put on a fake show… oh wait..