Elon Musk: Everyone Is WRONG; 2022 Inflation Is Worse Than You Think!

Elon Musk has been warning us about the failing US economy for quite some time. Now, with the world in chaos and external factors wreaking havoc on the markets, Elon believes that inflation is only going to get wors

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  1. This is exactly what people like Musk are dreaming about, probably waking up with a boner every morning.
    Son of a slave owner,
    "People's Billionaire"
    "I am a socialist…"

  2. A fully automatic program that trades Tesla shares on D1. Opening and closing of deals, automatic calculation of Stop Loss and Take Profit, lot calculation. The risk per transaction is 2%, the testing period is 2 years.

  3. We need price freeze, everyone to get along, to stop illegal entry into our country, to work when able, to bring back all manufacturing and other work that has been sourced out of our country, stop population growth, have a one person enter country only when one person leaves, take care of our country first, quit sending so much money to other countries, if they need our help that bad, let them become a state, stop all the political corruption, take back the illicit gains that politicians have already taken (take double their illicit gains as punishment), have only one tax that all the different levels of government must work out their share (such as maybe a 30% sales tax on everything and for sure 0 taxes of any kind on everyone's main residence including land it sits on), (countries that want to expand need to be put down), etc. EDITED: MISTAKE

  4. It is so clear that anything that can be weaponizid against we the people is being!! So tired of blind sheep being "blind optimistic "