Liberal media blasts Elon Musk's fight for free speech

Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in on Elon Musk’s willingness to reinstate Trump’s Twitter account and the ongoing protests occurring outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. #FoxNews

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  1. Well everyone was supposed to be in favor of freedom of speech which is their problem? Is their infamous "freedom of speech" threatened by freedom of speech?

  2. Free speech means nothing to these folks. Only their free speech means anything to them, and everyone else gets censored or blocked.

  3. This is a free country, or used to be. A rich person is entitled to buy a communications company. He is not allowed to buy all of them. So this should not be a problem. No person who has a functioning brain should think this is a problem unless they are trying to deny their opponents the ability to own communications companies.

  4. Ohh can't wait to see them friking out when trump be back Twitter even if he dont Twit anything 🤣

  5. Protestors, Protesting a Protest is so wrong. Someone should Protest against that!

  6. Let's make one thing clear the USA or canadian governments and their minions are not worried about that. They are worried because making twitter a communication tool for all, removing the bots, making people transparent, making twitter transparent scares the he'll out of the left activists and extremists. A MP in Canada just publicly exposed the leftist government public safety ministers hiring of internet data collectors to only do it with perceived right groups, there were no requests for the left terrorists, or Anarchist groups. The left governments are really activists not government politicians with all the tax payers in mind.

  7. Not many of you have heard about a thing called blown cover for cover, right murikans?
    Well that's why even less of you have a slightest idea what's coming for you!
    Mayonesis murikans!

  8. The perverted left can't stand the fact that they can't shut people down any longer. Free speech means everyone not just those you choose.

  9. Nobody cares if liberals are offended or upset. Please remind them that suicide will fix their "offense"…

  10. True colors of the far left media, has made them even more pathetic. They’re always wanting to rain on
    “ THE TRUTH “ …….well, they want rain…..they’re gonna have to deal with the “ Mud “. 🤨 Kudos to you Mr. Musk….your brilliance, and the simple fact that freedom of speech belongs to EVERYONE…….right and left alike…’s our God given right, and your move to acquire Twitter is “ The Peoples “ admiration of a true Patriot that you are. Bless You Sir 😎😇🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇵🇭⚓️👍

  11. Billionaires are not your friend. They are a threat to democracy. Twitter will be misused. Don't be so naive.

  12. First of all, Fox News is a biased news organization just like the accuse CNN and the like. Second of all, the 1st Amendment does not apply to private companies. It ONLY applies to Congress. Large corporations are a problem. A pretty big one, actually, and Elon is no different.

  13. No one gives to craps about what CNN MSNBC and all of them say😒 Their ratings are so low I'm amazed anyone even watches them anymore. They might as well just go off the air.

  14. Didn’t expected Mehdi Hasan .. People loose respect when they get biased just to please their boss.
    Just like Megan kelly trying hard to defend AmberHard.



  17. lmfao the not so brilliant billionaire he says right off the hop ,ah ha ha ha , i wish i was dumb and rich , what a moron to even say such a stupid comment , last year he would have called him worlds smartest man , the best part of Elons stand is you know its working when all they can do is try to attack his intelligence. yay were winning he he he …its nice to feel right …

  18. 0:07 "not so bright billionaire"
    Well if he's not so bright then why is he so rich and you're stuck in MSNPC

  19. Free speech, I've got to laugh, when has the US had free speech. Admittedly it's alot worse now but fox is just as bad, try putting someone on your channel that's against the Ukraine war and tells the truth about what is and has been happening there for the last 8 years.

  20. Musk is gods champ bro. He's taking a wad of cash and smaking em in the face with it. Go musk go musk.