Elon Musk: Banning Trump From Twitter Was 'Morally Wrong' And 'Stupid'

Tech billionaire Elon Musk said he would have former President Donald Trump back on Twitter after he completes his plan to buy the company. Musk said banning Trump from the platform was “morally wrong and flat out stupid.”
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  1. The totalitarian regimes across the world (Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, India, Vietnam, China, Russia) act more arrogantly and suppress political social activists more severely during and after Twitter Jack Dorsey banned former President Trump. They laugh out loud together as radical leftists (Democrats) were fighting and banning Pres. sad and horrible for the democracy of not only the U.S. but the globe. Yet, the idiocratic media still work relentlessly for democrats party to pursue devastating schemes destroying the U.S. society.

  2. Republican Men want the wife to wait on them hand and foot; women were only put here on Earth for one thing according and that is :To cook, clean, take care of the kids and their man's every wish"! Trumpers' will make sure they change the 'Women's Right to Vote Ammendment to: The wife must vote the way her husband does"! Woot Vote Republican PLEASEEEE!!

  3. Twitter is nothing more than a cesspool of hate and lies. If he wants TRASH like Trump on there, more power to him.

  4. Trumpsollini was banned from Twitter for trumpeting lies and nothing but lies. When lying and denying fact is the new norm, then we're back when hitler seized power with lies. Olichards love autocracy

  5. To much problems in Canada and what do we encounter right at the side?
    The United-States of america.I'll order to take gains from the Contract enterprise that are from our populated country,cause we are the real residents and you only travellers,so that they've made in America,fo us fo my ideas,the eternal supreme commander,you mortals,to build or whatever something very very great in Canada to please us.

  6. Can't I donate time hime to help participate out congress's get them back for America

  7. Musk is amoral and stupid or cunningly dangerous. Of course he believes his money gives him the right to do and say what ever he wants. Supporting the return of Trump blatantly shows his political affinities.

  8. Why couldn’t Musk just directly buy the presidency for the orange manatee? Is he just teasing him? So cruel.

  9. LOL at the leftist meltdown. Keep crying those salty tears, libs 😆🤡🐑🤤❄️😆🤡🐑🤤❄️😆🤡🐑🤤😆🤡🐑🤤❄️😆🤡🐑🤤❄️

  10. Twitter banned Donald Trump but allowed groups like Taliban to stay on the platform.

  11. Trump abused his voice because he couldn’t accept defeat in the 2020 election. All he’s done was stoke the flames of division.

  12. The Democratic Party uses an unrealistic take on really, they push a narrative to push their agenda. But it's one dimensional so when people get more information on the topic the narrative falls apart. As long as it's what they want to do they let bad people do bad things. Because of the political systems of most countries, you can only really vote for people that do less harm, at the moment Republics and Conservatives aren't perfect but mostly less totalitarian. Most countries that have governments are calling themselves liberal, or democratic are proven themselves to be far from it
    A theory isn't a lie, it's really conjecture, but these people want to associate theory with just not being the truth.
    Because a lot of the time the theory turns out to be the truth, or largely the truth.
    Or it is pretty much undeniable but they still call it a theory, because they can't undermine its authenticity.

  13. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with a private company allowing somebody to lie and spread propaganda and be absolved of any and all responsibility. There are consequences to words and actions if somebody is hurt because of them. Musk is opening himself for alot of lawsuits when Trump and his dumb family make alot of false statements, conspiracy and propaganda. Musk will be caught up just like Alex Jones and Infowars. But it will be Musk decision to do just like it was Twitter business decision before ownership of Musk.

  14. Twitter had the right to ban Trump because the criminal Trump was always violating Twitter terms of service. Twitter allowed Trump to break the rules for 4 years but after Trump lost the presidency they figured he is just like everybody else who needs to follow Twitter TOS. Nobody cares if Musk wants to ruin his credibility by letting criminal Trump back on Twitter as that will be his choice. But millions of users will leave Twitter and who cares. Twitter will soon be just another racist Truth Social, GETTER, GAB or Stormfront just like other white nationalist websites. .