New Elon Musk Interview with Financial Times. Timestamps and Reaction Included.

This video highlights all of the key points during this Elon Musk interview, identifying new and important answers from Elon and informing the viewer that the key point will be discussed and reaction will be provided at the end of the video. A concise summary and reaction are provided at the end of the video.

Apologies for the sound quality, as my channel gets monetised I will improve my recording equipment.

Video Credit before Editing, Analysis and Reaction: Financial Times

00:01 Intro
01:46 Early days of Tesla from Elons point of view
05:20 Early days of Tesla from JBs point of view
08:00 Early Tesla Problems
12:15 Tesla Outsourcing
15:00 Advice for current EV Start Ups
18:50 Twitter
23:10 Tesla Demand vs Production
25:40 Trump and Twitter
31:15 Tesla Ramp to 20 million cars in 2030
38:25 Has Tesla Succeeded
41:10 SpaceX goals
44:45 China and Tesla
49:30 FSD
58:50 Teslas closest competition
01:02:10 Tesla Software
01:10:25 Flying Cars
01:14:20 Teslas Future
01:17:55 Mining and Tesla
01:18:55 Elon’s Childrens Futures
01:20:40 Hydrogen
01:23:00 Die on Mars
01:24:50 Reaction and Analysis


  1. The Market has been pretty bad until today it decided to surge. Everybody was Practically Crying then. It kept dipping. That's what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thank to Hilder Ferguson. I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is because my assests are insured due to her advice and I still receive my profits

  2. Hey man, love your channel and the whole highlights and discussion, but the interruptions take away from the viewing experience, just my 2 cents

  3. Someone make a car for the wheel is in the back seat so incase i hit a semi it doesnt crush me or decapitate someone in the front much safer to drive from the back seat like have a three seater feel me?? Two passenger and one driver or a safe spot to lying down immediately to not get crushed

  4. Elons trying to put the whole automobile industry in finance n sales out of buisness…other than that i kinda like it!! But i dont like people tracking me charge my car n where im at all the time

  5. Obviously people lying about china banning twitter this guys undercover wrking for automotive companies et…🤣 Gettem Elon

  6. Can’t wait for the US to be powered by 1 square mile of harnessing the sun’s power. Hope it happens in my lifetime. Would love to see all the money we spend on gas and electricity go to free education and healthcare.

  7. Thanks for the upload. A few things stood out for me:
    "And then Tesla started taking market share away from them and that changed their mind." He knows they're not doing it to "save the planet," whatever that even means.
    "I have utter contempt for those who prefer the perception of good over the reality of it." Which is why he hates the woke mind virus; and in return the woke zombies hate him.
    "They won't even leave the factory type-of-thing, whereas in America people are trying to avoid going to work at all." I can hear the left REEEEeeeee from here already lol.

  8. One hundred percent that is a deepfake cgi portrayal of Elon not the real Elon musk you can bet the house on that

  9. @PeterCampell seems remarkably unprepared for this interview, not knowing many of @ElonMusk's well-known positions, and not even listening to/digesting Musk's answers to Campbell's own questions.

  10. Elons mouth is and will always be his achiles heal. He discussed comedically and seriously that they made some stupid mistakes in the early stages along with MILLIONS of dollars uselessly spent…..

    Therefore proving once and for all that the SEC had every right in investigating and requesting proof of funds at the early stages , considering by his own admission "WE WERE STUPID AND WAISTED MILLIONS"

    Than Elon "Aspirations of 20 million cars by 2030" is as RIDICULOUS as saying "I have aspirations to grow wings and fly"

  11. Sometimes, home have a heartbeat, I wish someone can help me to go back to my country as I lost everything with LUNA, working hard for 3 years disappeared.

    even 10 USDT would help. Thnk u

    Tron .


  12. 28:20 I wish we would live in a world where journalists where trying to deliver truth instead of doing manipulative word games to dupe people into believing false narratives just to divide&conquer humanity.

  13. Your not smart enough to ask this man questions. Elon should have not answered you then you add a narrative after the video. Now we know your line and you should be ashamed of the line of questions

  14. Going to Mars??? Why doesn’t SpaceX or NASA use the Moon as a natural satellite???? Put a live camera so we can really see where we are? Why isn’t SpaceX dissecting the moon, building a moon base or anything. But going to Mars??
    And, there isn’t one REAL picture of anything is space. All just artist and computer images. NOT ONE REAL PICTURE OF ANYTHING, not even a real picture of Earth. What the hell is really going on. ???????

  15. I’m not a strong fan of this deep fake guy we’re pretending is Elon Musk

  16. Please please please active star link net for iran 💔
    Iranian people in the war now🙂

  17. Very very bad sets of questions.. just shows the depth of interviewer's knowledge and lack of understanding.