Musk On Bringing Trump Back To Twitter: 'It Was Not Correct' To Ban Him

Tech billionaire Elon Musk said he intends to bring former President Donald Trump back on Twitter after he completes his plan to …


  1. It's ok to sensor the people who you don't like… That doesn't sound like freedom to me

  2. Mush, what are u afraid off THE RUSSIAN?? DON'T put dictators TRUMP back ALL HE DOES IS LIE

  3. Racist person getting welcomed by the establishment! Who’s surprised! It America…

  4. Elon is clearly a very intelligent and highly motivated man. That said, i completely disagree with his comparison of twitter being like the old town square. Firstly, in a town square you must be physically present to promote your beliefs, meaning no anonymity. Secondly, and much more importantly, on twitter you can reach millions of people every time you post. In a town square you can only reach as far as your voice can carry. Sorry Elon, I am def a Constitutionalist but i also believe free speech is not a license to willfully lie and mislead people, especially from a position of ultimate authority.

  5. They should not have sold to Musk. Why would they put their foot down to hold liars and hate mongers 2 years ago but then sell knowing that Musk said he will allow all speech including lies and hate. I've never been on twitter and never will. People should delete their accounts and let his $44billion loan default.

  6. Musk is out of his mind to allow that liar back on twitter. He has done nothing but continue and spread false information. He is just a LOSER period. Grow some balls and shut down this lunatic from spreading any other lies.

  7. It think Elon is right by suspending him permanently it amplifies them by have new social app,

  8. Don’t buy Tesla, hit Musk in the gigantic bank account. I have cancelled my order as I stand by my virtues.

  9. A vote for republicans is a vote for Nazi-trump.
    Elon musk doesn't want to pay taxes so he is bringing the insurrectionist republicans back on line.

  10. Clearly Musk has no moral code of conduct that he feels cannot be over stepped. Never mind social media is a forum for creating a violent uprising against the government but that's ok with him. If a lunatic sets the world on fire with their words that's ok too. Musk is dangerous. His ego is out of control as is all wealthy people today. They all think their wealth exonerates them from social responsibility. It's "their way or the highway" as with all narcissists.

  11. Come on musk the orange stain on our democracy dose not need a platform for his lies

  12. Trump has nothing intelligent ever to say ,self glorified BS only with election crybaby lies

  13. But I bet a Tesla car Elon Musk would ban.anyone making an ignorant lie/comment.about him!
    Hmmmm…I'm gonna start doing that..keep you all posted!

  14. Elon Musk allowing Trump back onto Twitter is like a father handing off a condom to
    the guy raping his daughter.

  15. I remember almost the entire the existence of the internet there was free speech. How such a large population suddenly got so scared they might hear something they don't like is beyond my understanding. We were totally fine then, we'll be totally fine going back to that after the past 2-3 years of the speech fascists running things.

  16. Ah, the tears on the Left who want to keep the Ayatollah of Iran on Twitter but not the last President. Twitter employees and Legacy Media running for their Safe Spaces LOL

  17. Only people who would elect a clown as president would believe that some random billionaire with no limitations would be in a state of mind to decide that someone who militarized our politics should not be banned from such a stand.

  18. Simple, do as I do, I don't have a twitter account and I pay no attention to those twit's.

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  20. The lack of analysis as to why Trump was banned in astonishing, but not at all surprising. Short form news is only after ratings and not actual discussion.

  21. Private business has always born some responsibility for the conduct of it's patrons while on their site. Go into a bar, restaurant, or retail store and misbehave. See how long it takes to get ejected.