Kennedy: Is Elon Musk in trouble?

Seattle KTTH radio host Bryan Suits gives his take on the Russian government possibly targeting Elon Musk on ‘Kennedy.’ #FoxBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. I frankly think this is why Biden is saying that the right is an enemy but I truly think if they went after musk or Trump the country could get involved in an all-out Civil War. I could be wrong but I think it's a big mistake if they were to go after either one of those two. Musk could be pissing off the Democrats but the Democrats are pissing off a lot of people. The Democrats are really pushing this country into all-out chaos

  2. @Elon is the Man. Not Reachable Visible By any Enemy on Planet Earth. Forget Russia. Not even close.

  3. Why won't Fox news and low IQ Kennedy report on the fraudulent election of November 2020 and 2000 mules which proves it! Traitorous cowards!

  4. At least Elon Musk is not scared of 2000 MULES… Anybody at Fox?! 2000 MULES?! Anybody?!

  5. God this is a really dumb report. Is it meant as comedy? Both of these people's facial and vocal expressions are like bad sitcom actors, and they're talking nonsense. If Europe cuts itself off from Russian energy supplies, German industry is toast, and the European economy with it. Are these two fools consciously promoting the WEF agenda, or are they just braindead mannequins?

  6. I'm fine with cutting Russia off financially but I don't think we have any business doing ANYTHING in Ukraine. We shouldn't be involved at all. They are not a part of NATO and we owe them nothing. AMERICA FIRST!!

  7. This chick making it seem like it’s a joke ..when in reality she knows exactly what Elon is talking about

  8. Where are tha fascist in ukraina wy we not see moore of that what still will come to surprise as

  9. Elon will be killed by the current administration and it’s clear his life is in danger because Fox News is selling lies about it!

  10. Thankfully, no one has figured out yet that Elon made Skylink available to Ukraine so that independent journalist on the ground could get the truth out about what’s really going on with the fascists.

  11. FFS stop with the funny voices woman . . because they're not funny, they're just annoying !

  12. And they have the nerve to call him a fascist? I hope that Elon runs them out of business

  13. The irony is Biden approved Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline just after shutting down the Keystone pipeline. Biden has proven to be the most anti American president ever. His family must be getting a kickback on the sales.

  14. Because he is helping Nazis and any one can clearly see he inserted himself in a war. Anyone can see they're Nazis it been in the news since 2014 it's our fault. They meant legally.

  15. Kennedy……when will the word get out about the baby formula?????? Empty shelves in America but full shelves at the border. Biden is sending pallets of baby formula to the border. (from the Office of Congresswoman Kat Cammack)