Elon Musk declares he could ‘die under mysterious circumstances’

Elon Musk has tweeted he could “die under mysterious circumstances” after Russia’s former deputy prime minister declared the tech billionaire will be “held accountable” for providing Ukraine with Starlink terminals.


  1. would be great……..another silver spooner who happens to be inventor of nothing that we can do without

  2. It’s always possible especially when you consider Judeo Talmudic supremacists are working overtime for the Anti Christ to arrive.

  3. If he dies unexpectedly I can bet it won't be Russia, it will be the people like the Clinton's that created the Russian collusion that was fed to the msm lie swallowing sheep. I hope they know that those like me they called a 'conspiracy theorist' have yet again been proved right. Sadly people still like to be fed lies by the now proven to be fake news channels like msnbc and cnn etc

  4. With people like Assange and Musk the globalists lose control of the narrative..that scares them…

  5. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how in true leftist fashion, that never followed through with their promise to leave Twitter 🤣

  6. Just kind of poor research on the part of sky here; Elon Musk did not found Tesla…..

  7. Elon is a hero. And more intelligence in a little finger than the Russian twat who threatened him.