Elon Musk Knows Something BAD Is Coming & Gives Us A WARNING!

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Elon Musk Knows Something BAD Is Coming & Gives Us A WARNING!


  1. Hes dealt with bullies growing up now its happening as a grown super successful adult. This is not good. I dont know the guy but I now have an uncomfortable fear for him 😒

  2. How many mysterious deaths from the HRC circles when reveals the truth of their undertakings.

  3. I think Elon is trolling idiots like yourself and the rest of all the conspiracy theorists.

  4. I would bet that Elon knew in advance who he was going to piss off and is prepared. Don't forget how brilliant he is!

  5. Can you just stop flipping through the info?! Do you really not understand how to just show the point?

  6. Well, considering nobiden gave Ukraine all that money while being vp, and I'm sure he's given them even more in the last two months, where do you think he got it??? Certainly not from his own pocket. Soooo, if that money was supplied by soros in the first place, then Musk looks like he is helping their cause by giving Ukraine the communications equipment. From the outside looking in, it looks like Musk is helping soros and nobiden, help the Ukraine military/government. If he wanted to be a humanitarian, he would have helped the people of Ukraine, not the military. Just sayin'. I am not totally convinced he is a good guy. Mike Lindell was just bounced off twatter just after getting back on.

  7. No they don't hate him he's part of the establishment don't forget this is the man who wants to put a micro chip in everyone's head.

  8. Hopefully the only "bad thing"" that ends up happening is a torrential flood from melting snowflakes.

  9. I believe the demoncrats are involved, because he will find out who the demoncrats were that wanted President Trump blocked from twitter ! Brandon, Husain obama, soros,killery, oh and Schumer scumbag, Durban, all evil sob’s! Power and money, and control we the people ! Take our food away and our guns ! Stand Fast Great People , the evil woke are attempting to take over the country and turn us against one another! Truly Good against Evil !

  10. I wonder if the demoncrats are involved 😡my guess is absolutely! He will find out who the demoncrats are that we’re involved with blocking President Trump, thus it would be important for shusmuck husain obama,killery, to shut him up ! This is why I believe he is making these threats public ! MayGod protect him against these evil people !

  11. Man your reading to much into this. Why didn’t you mention his mothers tweet in response. Why did you leave it out.

  12. Do you not think Elon was smart enough to consider the consequences before his decision to buy Twitter? If he thought for 1 min control of a Nation by the Elites was a conspiracy theory, He certainly seeing it now, but he already knows what we see and a very fearless man comparable to President Trump. ❤💯🙏 May God protect them both

  13. It's no coincidence the amber heard shit is getting aired… everyone close to those circles is tied up in the same shit.

    I would love to go into detail or give sauce but it will just look "conspiratorial" so ill just say it's in the Epstein closet…

  14. I mean, the Clintons don't exactly have a good track record with mysterious deaths of people affiliated with them either. 😅

  15. All the comments sucking Elon off. U clowns need to stop, this man is ushering in the beast system.

  16. Wouldn't doubt it if he was on the Clinton hit list. Clintons love to have people disappear especially if they are not on the pro communism side of things

  17. It won't be the Russians. And these people should be put on notice. If something happens to him. The masses won't take it sitting down