Is Elon Musk on Vladimir Putin’s Hit List?

Elon Musk is known for his attention-getting tweets. But recently he seemed to suggest that Russian president Vladimir Putin might wish him harm. Tech billionaire Musk has been threatened by a Putin crony for sending communications technology to Ukraine. “For this, Elon, you will be held accountable like an adult,” the head of Russia’s space agency is quoted as saying. That prompted Musk to tweet, “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya.”


  1. Yeah honestly he aint scared i feel like elon could beat putin idk why but I just have that feeling

  2. "Kids joining the Putin propaganda machine".. This whole video is blatant, cringy propaganda. I'm not taking sides. It's all honesty not my business.. idc either way in terms of government.

  3. imagine if in todays day and age we had parades with kids dressed as fighter jets and american tanks, or a nuclear bomb, like wtf

  4. the head of the space agency also threatened to leave an American astronaut behind at the station.

  5. To be honest I'm aganst Elon and Putin first,
    Elon literally bought Twitter only for money,
    and Putin is threatening the world even his side he don't like, So I think Putin should die wanting the world to himself but once he does god nor jesus will allow that cause nobody owns the world the heavens do. Thanks for whoever read this, I apologize if I sound rude though I'm not.
    alsalam ealaykum! 🤍

  6. Elon musk should be afraid of the American government more than the Russian government.

  7. Dressing ur kids up in a tank should also trigger the comeback of the Guillotine

  8. Lol A Victory Parade? More like 'Imma Just do a Parade to make myself look great and not Look pathetic'

  9. I wonder on how many hitlists Putin's head is on. That is if father time doesn't get to him first

  10. I think he's got enemies much closer to home, with his whole Twitter stunt and many others…

  11. Of course he is. Everybody is on Putins hitlist. Putin threatened nuclear war. The real question is, is Elon bumped up on top of the list..

  12. Don’t let Bono fool you all
    He’s just doing this for the money
    He’s a douche making money of people suffering again

  13. Elon probably has a freaking satellite with a laser pointing at Russia waiting for Putin to make his move lol

  14. how does putin looking weak through his gestures has anything to do with the parade? youre that desperate in trying to despise russia? you call that a propaganda machine like as if the west is any better 💀. a propaganda calling out another propaganda lmao dont you just love the irony

  15. Say what you will about Elon, but you have to admit he’s got some huge balls 😂😂😂