How Elon Musk’s China Ties Could Test Twitter | WSJ

Elon Musk has cultivated close ties with Beijing to build Tesla’s business in China. Now that he is buying Twitter and focusing on free speech, WSJ looks at how China has used the social-media platform to promote its views, and why that’s raising concerns. Photo Illustration: Sharon Shi

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  1. china and russia are and have always been high risk countries for western businesses, 
    anyone who didn't or doesn't take that into account is …

  2. And you are who to decide what is fake news and misinformation? You'll want to back away from this dangerous thinking, it didn't work for Russia, it certainly won't happen here.
    The pushback is coming. We're going to do quite a bit more than make you cry. We're going to permanently take away your means to make a living.

  3. Thank you for sharing 🙏 You are the best Elon🙏 God bless you❤️

  4. Xi : Since it requires massive tons of rare minerals to produce Evs, I think we should raise taxes on Tesla for a little bit more. You know, for the sake of the environment. If you don't mind, of course…

    Elon: No more banning Chinese accounts on Twitter! Do you hear me? NO MORE BANNING CHINESE ACCOUNTS ON TWITTER!

    Xi : Awww, Mr.Musk, you're such a good friend of Beijing. We know we can rely on you.

  5. A potential traitor .. this Musk may be compromised and hand-tied because of huge investment in Communist China.. He may leak space technology secrets to Communist China just because he wants Chinese market… So conclusion is: He could be a liability to US security and national interest

  6. A LOT of dangerous sneaky "stuff" is going on with CHINA and the vatican is the hidden hand. This report is from The Remnant.

    Hong Kong authorities arrested Cardinal Joseph Zen today, and he is being held on suspicion of "colluding with foreign forces to endanger China’s national security."

    Cardinal Zen is one of the few voices in the Catholic hierarchy to publicly challenge Pope Francis's secret deal with the Chinese Communist Party. As former Bishop of Hong Kong, Zen recently traveled to the Vatican to try to discuss this with Pope Francis, but his efforts proved futile when Francis refused to give him a hearing.

    He was well aware of the risks he was taking, and now the 90-year-old Catholic hero has been thrown in jail for speaking out.

    This news reminds us not to dismiss as temporary or "no big deal" the lockdown on humanity in which the CCP has been engaging in China in general but especially in Shanghai.

    So the question is: As Christians come under ruthless persecution in China, why is Pope Francis making secret deals with a Chinese Communist Party that is responsible for throwing even Catholic bishops in prison?

  7. Media is a hater. Hate all you want . The left and right trying to push their agenda. Foh

  8. the western mentality in chinese way of doing things is ignorance at its best, truly get to know the people, see for urself and really stop influencing the world ONLY with ur way of thinking

  9. So this is why Jeff Bezos bought WSJ. Having a formerly reliable news source to back up your BS tweets almost makes them seem legitimate. An entire piece about how Elon's entire goal of deregulating Twitter is really just a 44 billion dollar ploy to serve his CCP masters….now it all makes sense. Thanks WSJ for clearing that up for us.

  10. This is driven by Bezos' recent comments. 75% of all products sold by Amazon are produced in China. Was Bezos trying to funny? Amazon would go bankrupt without China.

  11. Moral of the story: Western social media platforms censor Chinese contents! It's like American politicians publish all sorts of lies Against China that's freedom of speech but when China literally dismiss all the propaganda with clearcut solid facts that is tagged as "state owned propaganda" 🤣 that's censorship in a subtle way

  12. So letting cia and US national security officials to manipulate speeches on twitter and YouTube is democracy, and having a ceo who has connections with both Western and China is not.

  13. A fully automatic program that trades Tesla shares on D1. Opening and closing of deals, automatic calculation of Stop Loss and Take Profit, lot calculation. The risk per transaction is 2%, the testing period is 2 years.

  14. When it comes to China, he plays there game. When is comes to America, he plays the American game. I respect the game he must play with the world. When dealing with the world things are not the same depending on what part of the world he is dealing with. Americans do not understand that because they do not understand anything beyond there own world.

  15. I can never 👆👆trust another but I’ll always trust your 👆mining software sir

  16. I can never 👆👆trust another but I’ll always trust your 👆mining software sir

  17. Free speech? CCP is exporting a lot of that from China. But I bet free speech absolutist Elon wouldn’t say a word about CCP’s draconian suppression of speech.

  18. Luckin coffee was a fraud and all of the others probably are to. Maybe it's a good thing the NBA lost them 😂 2:55

  19. China will not be able to influence a global open source algorithm. They tried and failed with Bitcoin… The stupidity of Twitter was their intrinsic bias due to uncontrolled human manipulations.

  20. well then, you just have to do your own diligence, its not like US government doesnt have its state sponsored media, pro US media and supporters to spread lies or disinformation, its up to you which one you chose to believe in. I have seen disinformation from all side, you just have to read the opinions and information from all sides to make a judgement. TLDR from 1 side of the argument just isnt enough anymore

  21. This segment can be considered misinformation or disinformation. Just depends where one places the needle.

  22. so who will decide who is doing propaganda? everything coming from the Chinese govt is "propaganda" and what about the West? what their government doing is NOT propangda? who will decide?

  23. 😂 Conservatives on Twitter very happy about Elon musk owning Twitter not knowing the type of FREE SPEECH and CENSORSHIP coming their way.

  24. probably would of been cheaper if Musk waited a few more weeks based on how the stock market in general did after the purchase was announce.