Elon Plans To FIRE 1000 Twitter Employees | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar review Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter that he revealed in a slide deck to investors including firing 1000 employees right after the takeover and changing the company’s business model

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Mohamed Younis:


  1. The cost I'd pay to communicate w my base is a tax write off anyway so who cares

  2. Those people deserve to be unemployed anyway. They influenced an election. They should be in jail

  3. Musk is a great strategist who still doesn't have the innards of twitter on his desk, so I would press on and see what happens then 👍

  4. Well he does have a reputation for over-working and underpaying people so this makes sense.

  5. Yeah, it sucks that Musk is letting these theocrats have a stake in Twitter, as it will likely result in a lot of censorship of Twitter in their countries.

  6. The US has 36 Million Twits, so if 100% of them wanted to Pay for this Moronic Platform…
    He would need to convince 1/3 of the Non US users to Pay for the Privilege of Shitposting to a Bunch of Twits.

  7. Fantastic news. Pretty much everyone working at Twitter is grotesque and doesn't deserve to eat.

  8. Saudis won’t have anything to say about twitter product. This is about inclusion. Musk did a great job of keeping them on.

  9. Musk does not care if TWITTER makes money, initially. People will pay for a platform that ads value. $3 is nothing. Drastic changes are needed at twitter. All of which are welcome.

  10. at $3 a month Twitter will lose its casual users. Subscription is a form of censorship as well

  11. Elon is nowhere close to the richest man in the world. The ones were not familiar with our Rich beyond belief.

  12. Sagar, quit apologizing for potentially offending people. Fuck their feelings

  13. I don't know why regular working people like Musk. You're not paying attention to this idiots actions of you think he's a friend of working people.

  14. Profit and principle in this case are not necessarily exclusive. Elon's motivation was never solely free speech: he saw an opportunity to provide a public good for a profit

  15. Krystal has the worst takes. WTF should twitter be a public utility? Millions of people do not use Twitter. Why should non Twitter users subsidize Twitter?

  16. Data Licensing is already a part of Twitter’s business model. They already package data to give consumer insights. Twitter publishes yearly trend reports, and also offers a service to clients.

  17. Saagar is like, I'm all for subscription fees…. Yet they're still going to sell your data and God knows what else they'll take from you. This is bs and these companies need regulation

  18. I’m all for charging a subscription for Twitter. I won’t be a customer, but I fully support the subscription model for what’s become a putrid mountain of trash under the “free” model.

  19. Wasn't Saagar the one touting that Elon was suppose to make Twitter a bastion for free speech?

  20. Perhaps that's the social engineering dept doing social experiments, harvesting data, doing research, propagating and influencing social trends, for whatever incentivize interests or groups can afford a voice in the matter.