Elon Musk UNVEILS Plan To Fix Twitter, NYT Tries & FAILS To Smear Him Over Apartheid: Robby Soave

Robby Soave criticizes a New York Times profile of Elon Musk as a botched smear job.

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  1. Yea it has to be discrimination. But honestly I believe that Twitter only hired democrats .. and extre democrats at that .so in a way he's fighting fire with fire .

  2. I cannot believe that the NYTs would print something so ridiculous. They have lost soo much credibility the last 4 years…Truly the enemy of the people.

  3. I think Kim’s views and mindset are having a big influence on Robbie. These two are the best combination on the hill even when they disagree it is still respectful. But I do miss Ryan in this lineup his view was always a little left of these two but it seemed a complete show when the three of them are together. Not a fan of BJG she seems to naïve when it comes to government and woke culture. I get the impression that she’s been very sheltered in her upbringing.

  4. Elon Musk is a socialist-corporatist-globalist totalitarian monopolist — not a libertarian. Wake up.

  5. Well the fact that Elon had black friends at school just proves he's a racist! (Where's the facepalm emoji?)

  6. Not every white person from SA is a racist; I had a white coach who killed himself in the late 90s because he was bullied by racist whites🤨 Elon is not a racist look at how he dances reminds me of my white progressive friends 🤔

  7. None of those things address the complaints about twitter. Hiring people is not a plan to change the algorithms. Not paying salaries does nothing to clarify the terms of service. Relying more on subscriptions doesn’t address the censorship the company is accused of.

    These are financial goals. He didn’t say he bought twitter make money. He wanted to fix the platform.

    But all the Musk worshipers are falling all over themselves to praise anything he says.

  8. Hmmm … I find it strange that most ppl judge these BIZZILIONARES as just normal ppl like themselves. When, in fact, they are not like you or me. They are parasitic in nature and care only about themselves, their corporations, and their bottom line.

  9. I am using talk to text, so in advance, apologies for grammatical errors. Sometimes my phone is crazy LOL. I think the hit on Elon Musk goes deeper than just being about free speech. A lot of media companies, legacy media companies, have used Twitter in a way that aligns them with modern technology and social media. They’ve been able to dominate a lot of narratives using Twitter, assuming control like they once had. With Twitter now set to change direction, not only are these companies going to lose their ability to censor the average every day American, and media companies that are not legacy media companies, these companies are also now going to lose in the avenue that they have had to keep up with the times, with social media. Think about other social media companies and their use and adaptability by a large swath of the American public. You could say that they will just shift to using Facebook, but to the best of my knowledge the data does not show that Facebook is used by a more diverse group of people like Twitter is. These legacy media companies are going to lose a significant amount of influence, beyond just the censorship. They are going to go back to the time when newspapers start being consumed as much by the average consumer. They are going to have to figure out what social media platform to gravitate towards, and how they can assume control of said media platform has to drown out average every day American voices and voices of new media, something that they really fear. I say this is someone not affiliated with new media at all but just understanding that the dinosaurs are literally looking at their extinction and they can no longer hold back the inevitable. I welcome. All this does even more is make me want to support Elon Musk in every way that I can. I have a Cadillac CT 6 premium luxury, will be paid off this year, don’t even really care for a Tesla, but seriously looking at getting one. why? Because I want to do everything I can to help support this man and his vision. I suggest we all do the same.

  10. It’s honestly quite sad to see how low mainstream media has gone. They have no desire to inform the population anymore, they seem to only care about pushing an agenda and pushing clickbait.

  11. Joining a federated mastodon server is completely free and they don’t collect data on you and sell it to governments and advertisers.

  12. hes firing the employees who are against free speech- thats not a contradiction- im sure whos 'woke' is known to all so i really doubt hes going to ask if someones woke- theyll lie of course its an easy fix- fire all who are opposed to him buying/running twitter- simple simon

  13. It will get rid of the whiners that just want to get on there and vent and showing idiotic behaviour

  14. Would gentrify Twitter, make it exclusive, elitist and boutique, and make free speech a privilege and luxury of the well to do rather than I right for all if it was put behind a paywall and required payment for its use.

  15. Thank you Kim. You are the best.
    In a dektatorship one group rules the country.
    In a democracy the media is what rules . Not the political party that won the election. The owners of the media are not elected individuals. And if all or the majority of them are all following the same agenda (hidden agenda) , we get the media we have in the USA n western so called democracies.
    I think the deep state is going to try to destroy Elon Musk.
    I wonder how they did not destroy you ???? I think your platform is small. But like worry about Elon.
    Thank you for being you Kim.

  16. Apartheid South Africa did not have free speech and Musk left South Africa in part because of Apartheid.

  17. Mr. Musk has the right to employ anyone he wants at a company he paid $44 BILLION for. You two are perfect examples of people who have never worked in the real world.