“It’s been nice knowin ya”. Elon Musk’s Life is THREATENED

I’m a very scary turn of events, Dmitry Rogzin, head of Roscosmos, has directly threatened Elon Musk. While this public threat might be dismissed as rhetoric, coming from a highly place Russian government figure makes the threat frightening in the extreme.
There are three legs to the “stool” of why Russian government has resorted to public threats. A war going badly, SpaceX Starlink satellites, and Twitter. Let’s consider how these all tie together.

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  1. Musk should offer to send some starlink terminals to Russia, so the people there can see what's really going on too!

  2. Byden democratic partti will kil the Elon and they will ofcorse find a excuse in Russia Threats becose neigter the Byden or Putin likes Elon…Espetialy becose taking of Twitter and restoring Rights to coment for everryone and bringin back Donald Trump Account…That is a HUGE BLOW For Byden and big threat becose now on Twitter will be all dirty loundry of Democrats and ofcorse democrats are prepare to KILL Elon in Cooperation with Russian Friends…and dont be a fulled Byden have a Good ties with Russians and Pro-Russian activist that live in Ucraine.So if annybody kill Elon that will be American guverment body like C.I.A. or Homland Security in coobaloration with the FSB and FAB F.A.B. is russian secret service for Outside politics and intell….F.S.B. is more like F.B.I. Just for internal Russian problems….I prey for Elon he is only shiny star in this dark times…..
    Iff U.S.A. carry just a litle bit for the civilians Elon must recive STATE SECURITY STATUS and 24-7 American agency PROTECTION!!!!!!!!!!!Peace and prayers for Elon from Europe….

  3. This is something I've been worried about ever since Elon started!
    We all love him, there will be a nutjob out there that wants to take that away from us.

  4. I honestly don't think it's the Russians he needs to worry about. The Twitter purchase is more of a threat to those who control the media/narrative.

  5. Another great video John, but it is incorrect to say everyone is against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; China and India (who ironically don’t like each other), Syria and other BRIC aligned countries have backed Russia. The politics of their positions are not aligned with those of the West.

  6. What a crock! Obviously you've been depending on MSM for your "news" if you want to call it that. In case you're interested, you're in the dark and unfortunately, full of bull spit. The message you're spreading is exactly what the deep state wants you to spread. Have you given consideration to the possibly that Musk's technology gift to the ukrainian neo-nazis was used to kill Russian generals?

  7. You are showing your ignorance. You know nothing about the true deep reasons for the Russian Special Operation. I agree that Rogozin is an embarrassment but Elon Musk also made poor decisions about Ukraine and Russia. Rather keep quiet about what you don't know.

  8. Why has Putin gotten so fat? Anxiety eating! Being fat makes Putie angry at Musk.

  9. If anything happens to Elon, the Deep State (retaliation for buying their propaganda tool/twitter) would be responsible – they would then, as usual, blame the Russians.

  10. Rogozin is a saber-rattling blow-hard. He has yet to make good on his threats about ending Russian support for the ISS – and that is under his DIRECT control. I doubt he has any sway with the three-letter agencies that carry out these political assassinations. His rhetoric always seems to be geared toward getting back into Putin's good graces. Perhaps if he thinks that making these statements to the Russian media will make him more popular, and maybe get noticed by Putin. Also, if the intent was really to assassinate Musk, why announce their intentions? They could just do it and leave everyone to speculate, as they have in so many other cases.
    Also Russia has made statements about sanctioning specific individuals in response to the sanctions aimed at them, so this might simply be a high-profile name to add to their list of "sanctioned" individuals.

  11. Those kgb folks need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, stop living in the past. Life is short as it is!

  12. You Tube should add a “Russian Commi Bot” button to their list of reasons why to report.
    Always report a bot

  13. Something horrible happening to Elon has been a key man risk for a long time, well before the invasion of Ukraine. I have had to deal with this as he increasingly did more good in the world and Tesla became not only a viable threat to big auto but to all the other industries he is disrupting.

    When he sent Starlink to Ukraine the threat increased,but I asked myself one important question. Do I want to live in a world where Elon plays it safe and didn't send those terminals or do I want to be here now in a world where he takes actions that I agree with? I am not at risk in either scenario, but I went with the latter because who Elon is and the actions he takes along with the many brave and compassionate engineers and other workers that makes this world better and worth living in.

    What is Tesla without Elon and what type of future do we then have to look forward to without the risks he has bet his life on for us? Nothing he has done was without great risk to himself. NOTHING. We might think we would have done what he has done, but clearly that is not true, considering those who have the means do not follow behind in his footsteps.

    It is a sad day we are having where those looking and achieving the most good will be threatened and killed but so much of what we still take for granted today has come from those who have been sacrificed for the good of mankind. I hope this will not turn out to be anther example but we must prepare for it and pray that our worries will be just that, worries that won't come to pass.

  14. The Russian gangsters object to the rest of the world coming to the aid of Ukraine, because that makes it so hard to defeat Zelinsky, how dare they get in his way? the gangster wants Ukraine, and the gangster is unhappy that it isn't a walk in the park, so they start hurling threats, well that is what they are! THUGS.

  15. Well done for highlighting this, I don't use Twitter so hadn't seen the tweets. I was thinking the other day how Elon's contribution to Ukraine increases his risk.

  16. Many more special interest besides the Russians would love to eliminate Elon Musk. I am sure he and his family have professional protection. But still I truly wish him the best as he is a lone bright spot on this world stage!

  17. Time to get Putin before he gets Elon….if Mr. Musk dies, so does humanity (i wish this was hyperbole, but how many guys are exponentially helping our species more than Elon?)

  18. One other reason the Ruskies hate Elon: SpaceX took the rocket human and cargo delivery business away from them.

  19. How does that make you feel having to "skip" words or monitor what you say so you don't get pulled down on here?

  20. Let's not talk about what our government is doing to a certain whistle blower Julian Assange

  21. I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up! 💛

  22. … Elon's greatest enemies are in the West…. C.orporatus I.mpetus A.nonymous…. aka "C.apitalism's I.nvisible A.rmy"…(..Buckminster Fuller..)… aaAAANNNNDDd regarding Elon's personal Security…. "Qui custodes ipsos custodiet"…. the Russian's will make do for handy-dandy Patsies but don't believe it…. the time to APPROPRIATELY fix the Blame is…. NOW.

  23. Russian Government doesn't warn you. It could be a misdirection from establishment.

  24. Dr. Know it all. Are you aware of the reasons WHY Russia invaded Ukraine? It has everything to do with NATO pushing Russia into a corner. This is years in making. If you do not know the full story, research it.

  25. Unfortunately it's not true that the "shelves are empty" in Russia. You can find Russian youtubers showing lots of malls and stores still full. And you can hear plenty of Russians who think Putin is wonderful, who think the Ukrainians are awful Nazis, and who are all for the war and want to blast the hell out of Ukraine. I hope the sanctions will work but I don't think they're anywhere near fast enough. Ukraine needs more serious heavy weaponry RIGHT NOW. It's too bad the world has been so slow to respond and it's also too bad that we've let Putin's nuclear threats influence us at all. He's a murderous, bullying cretin but he's not willing to commit suicide by using nuclear weapons.

  26. I am deeply concerned for Elon's safety–recalling what happened to Alexander Litvinenko–the old line KGB seems to have been awakened. Perhaps a reasonable message from as many Tesla (Elon) fans that can be awakened to advise that the World values Elon highly and should ANYTHING happen to Elon–Russia will be held forever accountable.

  27. For this Reason, and others. Elon needs to name a successor and not let the empire fall into disarray. Let’s not have a repeat of Alexander the Great, and his empire getting ripped apart.

  28. Hey #Elon … if not done already it's time to make sure your clothes and whatever you're driving is bullet proof. And increase numbers and hire the very best security for YOURSELF AND Y0UR FAMILY ..EVERYONE

  29. Fuc# the minority of Russia, oppressors of humanity < in USA Elon is safe < i don't get out of the USA is safe << his security team i would hire USA military that have retired < i work in the USA Military base for 22 years < this old special forces humans not even the 22 years old can keep up with them 🙂 << they are loco nice ! <<< 🙂

  30. The U.S. government, which is controlled by Jacob Rothschild and Klaus Schwab's WEF, will assassinate Elon on 6/6. Calling it right now 😔😒

  31. Yes… Elon, being a pretty smart guy, did not pick a fight with Putin. Elon picked a fight with the Russian KGB or whatever they call themselves today. Putin shows up to a duel with a vile of poison dropped into your water bottle. But it's even worse than that. What if KGB decides to destroy Tesla factories under the cloak of radical terrorism? What if KGB launches a virus that can make your Model 3, S, X, Y, Z drive into a wall at full speed? No doubt if bad things start happening to Elon and/or Tesla employees and property, we can point the finger at Putin. But then what? Do we go to a nuclear WWIII because one or several 100 or 1000 Tesla employees were killed under mysterious circumstances? Elon, you can't antagonise a dictator who isn't afraid of playing dirty. You can't take on satan all by yourself. If you don't believe in Jesus Christ now, you better give that a second thought. Putin many very well have you boxed up and shot towards Mars. But only God can step on satan's neck. It's time to be humble and let evil run it's course. We all live in constant threat from satan. But we are all going to die at some point anyway, right? Let's just let it be by natural causes and not by a fight between 2 human egos. Putin WILL pay the price all dictators pay somewhere down history. We are all living under threat now. Let's let God do the fighting for us, not us. Not unless we strike 1st with the mother of all missile lauches today.

  32. When you deal with any government make sure you have "two eyes" in the back of your head. Why? Governments are run by people and most often people have agendas. If you interfere with their agendas in a major way, chances are that you will be marked as an enemy. Initially, they may watch you to see how you operate and whether you can make good on your word. However, if you prove to be uncharacteristically disruptive to multiple industries simultaneously (i.e. SpaceX, Starlink, Tesla) then don't be surprised if a WANTED poster shows up with your face on it. You can't discount words from Rogozin when they are in effect saying, "Watch your back!" I don't think EM is naive and I think he knew, at some point, this day would come. In the U.S. especially, the notion of 'competition' is really a lie. Big competitors try to stamp out or outright destroy or buy would-be contenders to their core industry. That's how they always stay on top. In other cases, they opt for the 'jackals' to do their ancient disappearing act on whomever is causing them trouble. But, don't take my word for it–search the history for yourself. Removing people from existence, one way or another, is what some men and organizations do for a living.