Elon Musk suggests 'he may get assassinated' by Russians

Elon Musk has taken to Twitter with a post that sent fans into a frenzy. Minutes earlier he shared what appeared to be a threat.

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  1. "May get assassinated…By Russians"
    Yeah, the Americans wouldn't want him dead, not at all.
    …Wish there was a way to add sarcasm to text.
    Throwing my bets in now, America will try it and blame Russia.

  2. Get this man some security! His doing wonders for mankind itself! True genius like Tesla or einstein etc.!!

  3. Musk ought to go to Ukraine.
    Might be the safest place for him under circumstances.
    Food for thought.

  4. Just like Tesla and free electric musk will now find out with his giger factory's will not be used , they make trillions nullifiing radioactive material that why they still build radioactive plants knowing unless they use their service radioactive material last a 1000 years.

  5. He wasn't talking about Russia so funny he was talking about the those running the democrat party Media and FBI. 🎉

  6. Honestly elon is losing his grip on reality,he used to be a real guy,now he's just like bezo's or any other rich guy out of touch,bring back trump to twitter? seriously?get a grip bro.

  7. Such Brilliance. He is the Leonardo Davinci, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein of our generation.

  8. ridiculous…Elon is much more fearful of the global elite pushing the Great Reset. his position on free speech threatens their monopoly on the narrative

  9. Deployed Worldwide Through My SilentWeaponsForQuietWars Deep Learning AI Research Library…
    Thank You

  10. If Elon Musk dies from Russians, the world will be spared for at least his BLACKOUT from Starlink. Why is not anyone wondering and stopping Elon Musk from launching 42,000 5G satellites that will cause total BLACKOUT of the whole atmosphere, without oxygen? Elon Musk is a clone of Caligula from the Roman Empire, because Earth has this timeline, for Second Jesus and New World Order with quantum finance on Starlink. Russia and US are not enemies, but allies for the Bible and Henoch prophecies, all working for Rothschild's war economy and sadistically profiting from torture of civilians.

  11. Man if Putin doesn’t dies of cancer he will die by a Tesla going at him in full speed

  12. Perfect time for the us government to k*ll him now this has been mentioned…… world is disgusting