Davido Meet World Richest Man Elon Musk In His 700 Million Bentley CAR


  1. Shut uppppppppppp! Davido nor Dey exist for where Elon musk Dey ! U Dey compare davido 20m$ worth with 300billion $ worth

  2. Because someone cut his hair for just $200 which you claim he did talk done finish. When will some talk about how you make your hair for 500 naria for iya kiki shop 😒 you are talking nonsense

  3. Madam go submit your cv if you get any make good use if your life,time,and sub. And stop this lie lie talk

  4. E say the barber come from America 😅😅 so e pay flight to come collect 100k😅😅 this girl sef ehh

  5. OGA I don observe your two posts now. Na so so rubbish talk you da talk madam go upgrade yourself. And no da talk wating you no confirm. Davido no small inside life self

  6. So cos he want to meet the world richest man,you still calculate to his pant,you are all a lier,your Chanel is fake

  7. Exactly! She's lying. This Davido's Bentley pulling up to pick him up is at Jabi Mall Abuja. When he went for the Puma shop opening.

  8. Ghanaians artistes don’t get to this lol. Nobody knows them, they’re local champions and broke asses.

  9. Did you say he pulled up from 2 billion Bentley. Na big lie. Why this woman just dey lie naa??