"She's Not Normal" Elon Musk and James Franco REFUSE To Testify In Johnny Depp Amber Heard Case

A few months ago, before the most awaited trial of the century between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard started, both mega businessman Elon Musk and actor James Franco received a subpoena from court, asking them to attend and testify. However, recent developments in the case have shown that the two people involved won’t be testifying after all. But why is that? And how can this affect the current progress of the trial? We’ll look into that and more in this video. But before anything else, make sure first to hit that subscribe button and notification bell if you haven’t yet, and let’s begin!

First, let’s get down to the question, why should James Franco testify? What exactly did he do? James Franco had been reported to testify in the latest court battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. But what’s the rationale behind this? It was revealed that the actor had a rumored love affair with Heard during the time when the actress claimed that Johnny had mistreated her.

It was announced after the release of a video in which Amber Heard can be seen with Franco in an elevator, just after she accused Depp of domestic maltreatment and less than 24 hours after she and Johnny had a major brawl. For this, the actor must respond to the question of whether he saw any signs of physical harm on Amber during the incident or whether the actress revealed that she had been subjected to maltreatment at the time. Franco lived in the building around the time of the event, according to Heard’s legal team, and they merely took the elevator together. This, according to Depp’s lawyers, is “a falsehood.” Given what Johnny has indicated, if these marks were faked, James may have something to say, especially since he was with Amber as evidenced by the CCTV camera. And if it is established that these marks were not real, as well as the fact that James was aware of this, he may find himself in yet another legal situation that he would prefer to avoid. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into more of Amber Heard’s past relationships or what they call “rebound” after Depp. Even early this year, A few more months before the first supposed trial in Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard was set to finally start, the pink-slipped Fantastic Beasts actor wanted Elon Musk and the American Civil Liberties Union to be pulled into the case. In the Musk subpoena, Depp’s lawyers at Brown Rudnick LLP had 24 requests that essentially cover “all communications between you and Ms. Heard regarding Mr. Depp.” Included among the two dozen requests are specific requests about The Sun case, the ACLU and “any allegations of physical and domestic maltreatment committed by either Mr. Depp or Ms. Heard.” In the first ACLU subpoena, “topics” sought basically have the same scope, with emphasis on donations, the defamation suit and conversations about “the relationship between Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard.”

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, and a slew of other businesses, apparently had a relationship with Heard following her divorce from Depp, and is now said to be participating in the legal proceedings. That makes sense because they’ve been together for at least a year. During the alleged bad time with Depp, there are rumors that Johnny was willing to give her round-the-clock security. If Musk believed that security was essential to protect Heard from Depp throughout their relationship, it appears that he would be called up to defend her.

However, despite all these, recent developments in the trial have shown that the two names, James and Elon, won’t be appearing in court after all. While the two celebrities were widely expected to testify, The Washington Post can now exclusively report that they will not be in the courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia. The guys will not appear in court to offer their accounts, according to the New York Post. Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, stated that the Tesla CEO will not testify. Meanwhile, a source close to the case claims that the star of “The Disaster Artist” will also refuse to testify.

I guess the two biggest names involving Amber’s affairs finally surfacing are a huge help and a significant progress in the events. However, them not attending might also pose some negative comebacks on either Amber and Johnny. The least we can do is wait and hope for good things in the next few weeks.

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