Tesla sells as many cars as it can make, which is why it is topping charts all over the world. However, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, wants to sell even more, which is why he is pushing hard for the $25,000 Tesla car. However, according to him Tesla Cars could be available for much much cheaper in the future and he has plans for them too.

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Tesla Cybertruck 2021: 13 Reasons you MUST buy it NOW

Tesla Cybertruck 2021 | Why You SHOULD buy it for sure!

Tesla Cybertruck Exclusive Footage

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Descripion about the video
The Tesla Cybertruck or Tesla Truck is in need for a Redesign to legalize it in the USA. The Cybertruck should start production in 2021 or 2022. This Tesla News (TSLA) is part of a tesla update. Elon Musk the founder of Tesla and also SpaceX is working on the shatterproof window and maybe a air suspension and solar roof. the cyber truck rivals are the Hummer Ev, Rivian R1t and also the ford-f150. these are all electric vehicles. everyone remembers the cybertruck window break. Other Tesla Cars that are popular are the Tesla Model X, Model Y, Model S and the new Tesla Model 2. Also, the upcoming Tesla Semi and exclusive Tesla Roadster will be added

Description about Tesla
Tesla, Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric cars and trucks, solar roofs and energy storage systems for homes, industry and electricity grids. The company also operates a worldwide network of points of sale to market its vehicles and its own network of charging points.


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  2. Man you’ve got to stop with this ridiculous claims about Tesla on this stupid videos just for views you really really got to stop……

  3. For a little bit extra Tesla company can built a hybrid electric-gasoline vehicle. The gas engine could be a turbo 500 cc engine to help out in an emergency situation while simultaneously driven an alternator charging the big battery of the electric motor. This concept will increase the range significantly.

  4. Tesla will build a 20K compact/ hatch back in China with chines design to liking of Chines consumers with 250 mile range.

  5. I don't think anyone can build a $5,000 conventional vehicle that meets NHTSA safety standards.

    For $5,000 I'd expect a 3-wheeled vehicle something like the Arcimoto, then it only has to meet motorcycle safety standards, even then it would be tough to meet that price.

  6. Everything Elon Musk dose is money he will be the world’s top leader in Technology

  7. Sharks tank you guys should have made a deal with Elon Musk this man will control the world 🤔🤔💰💰💰💰💰

  8. Dear Sleepy Joe. This is not true. Elon Musk have not annouced a 5.000$ lousy cheap car, and never will. All new Teslas has at least the same or better specs than the former models. They are sold at a lower and lower price, because of efficiency in mass production. That is what you can read in Elon Musks well known “secret” business plan from 2007.