‘Interesting’: Elon Musk responds to leaked Slack messages from Twitter staff

The soon-to-be-owner of Twitter Elon Musk has responded to leaked Slack messages from staff who delved into their feelings about their future boss while he was presenting at the company’s town hall meeting.


  1. Wow Twitter employees are now going to know what they’re role is as an employee…. keep your political view to yourself and your nose out of other people’s business!!!!
    Do the job that you were hired to do and draw a paycheck!!!!

  2. In buying "Twitter" he didn't fully realize he was taking on a national mental asylum full of leftist fit throwing darlings.

  3. The policies of the right do not impose on anybody's rights. The left is pushing a false narrative.

  4. If you think freedom of speech is "transphobia" or "homophobia" you are an obvious foreign agent sent to destroy western society.

  5. He needs to fire them all. There are so many people that could take their jobs with ease without the bias.

  6. If you are worried about Elon's politics , you are a brainwashed sheep who listens to fear- porn on the liberal media.

  7. American's keep forgetting they work and live in the US, the land of right to work.
    They have jobs at the whim of the employer, when your employer can legally send you down the road because is mistress stiffed him on a date the night before and you were the first late person he saw walk in that morning should tell you all you need to know about the intelligence of what these employees did.
    That's the reality of working in the US and the people there have been trained to think that is the absolute best way to handle an economy and employment.
    Those people are soon to be on the market again and it's their own doing from their choice to write these messages to the people they elect to keep them living that way.

  8. "if you dont make stuff, there is no stuff" – id vote for you man 😀

    given you are putting your political views out there, i shall do the same: libertarians are great in principle, but they have built systems on research that has been funded by the taxpayer and or public/private/voluntary research since forever – so it makes sense that these guys put back into that system for the younger generation. thats my only contention… id vote for you though mate, love your work.

    i do not appreciate sky news background music even though it matches the abc's shitty music. i find it hard to understand the content whilst im in a trance state lel

  9. Sounds like the Twitter employees have spent too much time in a bubble,they won't know how to handle hearing viewpoints from people who aren't mindless sheep

  10. A few sane employees at Twitter are outnumbered by the lying, coddled inbreds of the 90's.

  11. When Elon said he was going to buy Twitter, I signed up, but the bias is still there, so I have deleted it.

  12. If the employees don’t like the Twitter environment under new management, they can start their own Twitter. Isn’t that what was said to those who were permanently banned from Twitter for unacceptable political opinions?

  13. That someone should ask or be concerned about Elon Musk’s political views, or the views of any other colleague, shows exactly what’s wrong with Twatter. Political views have no relevance to a workplace and are, or should be, both private and irrelevant especially in an organisation like Twatter that claims to be unbiased and balanced. I hope he sacks the lot and brings in some grown ups.

  14. Imagine making fun of your new bosses stuttering issue (massively improved in recent years) and expecting to keep your job. I thought Twitter employees were anti-ableist…

  15. Current stalf doesn't need to be 'happy" EM would be delighted for the people with views like that to quit, if they won't they shouldn't complain about being sacked, they don't own the company EM will.

  16. This is so easy as the owner of a platform, those who flaunt their stupidity, get the flick.