Elon Musk says free speech is ‘essential’ in leaked town hall with Twitter staff

Project Veritas has leaked the entire town hall Twitter ran for its staff to engage with their soon-to-be boss Elon Musk, who spoke about how free speech is “essential” and the platform can do a better job of “informing people about serious issues”.


  1. Free speech is great for conservatives, but left leaning or progressive? Not on Elon's Twitter.

  2. That Twitter staff must be told that free speech is a must, is pretty extreme in itself. They may be good programmers but they sure have no clue about history and political science.

  3. I love how when the left’s culture warriors get leaked it’s that they’re abusing kids or massively corrupt, when it’s the right’s warriors it’s them championing human rights. Says a lot.

  4. I wonder what Elon has to say about Tesla whistleblowers? He doesnt give a krap about free speech, he gives a krap about $$$$

  5. The same turd who says if a country has resources Israelistan 🇺🇲 wants they have the right to take them by force. No worries in AUS they already own the entire country

  6. The only time you want your enemies silenced is when you don’t want people finding out that your wrong.

  7. Gruuuuuuby story tellers of the media will be promoting the corporate politicians deathjab for 6 month old babies. The depth of the their depravities will never be found.

  8. Ironic how sky news is about free speech yet they get upset when people practice free speech and delete comments

  9. If Musk gets Twitter it will be dead within a year and that's a good thing and lets hope he goes broke doing it

  10. The first thing is I would fire everyone and start everything from the bottom up

  11. Hey Elon, when are you turning your your forty-one thousand 🖐G satellites up to 60 hertz?

  12. free speech is essential but what is also essential is that people can't hide their speech behind pseudonyms and anonymity if you have beliefs you must be prepared to stand behind them for good or ill

  13. Race and homosexual protection laws have to go, these other ethnics are NOT of us, never have been so they came TO our CONDITIONS,don't like it.go back where you came from and homosexuals is a life choice and they must be prosecuted for their intimidation.

  14. Dana Perino also did the recent pro trans kid piece on Fox. Does anyone remember the Fox interview with Newt Gingrich when the interviewer repeatedly shut down any discussion of George Soros?

  15. This is socialism. Either hurry up and buy Twitter before Tesla stocks plummet further or just use another platform. In a free market companies can do what they like, if you don't like it just use another platform that aligns with your free speech values. Trying to control a company before you buy it is just socialism.