Timcast IRL – Elon Musk Twitter Meeting LEAKED By Veritas w/Viva, Barnes & Rumble CEO

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Viva Frei
@VivaFrei (Twitter)
Robert Barnes
@Barnes_Law (Twitter)
Chris Pavlovski
@RumbleVideo (Twitter)
@Chris (Truth)
@Rumble (Truth)

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  1. I think my monitor would explode if there was any more awesomeness packed into a single episode.
    I'm a long time follower of Viva, Barnes and Tim. Seeing them all on the same show was great.

  2. Project veritas had to call because they were on the call. Somebody must’ve given them the code to get into the meeting

  3. Problem is, as more people (rats) jump ship from these liberal cesspools and go to the independent outlets, what if they turn the independent outlets into the buckets with no food…

  4. Love Viva & Robert! Will start watching on Rumble going forward! Also happy to hear more Canadian content :)!

  5. My only issue with rumble is it doesn’t show you random videos you may like you only see the those you follow and when you choose one of those videos you get some different videos under it but most are just totally ridiculous and just nothing butt maybe one that’s interesting. They need a gui that’s more videos instead of just scrolling 1 video screen

  6. Tim stop promoting news guard! It’s absurd you still use it when you know it’s BS.

  7. Crown (Corona in some languages)…  
    Conned the "Falling Away"   
    Churches into Silence.  
    Consider: A Bow without Arrow means Threatening 
    Churches into Submission.   
    Coming on a White Horse means Savior, OR, 
    Camouflage, Subterfuge.  
    Commentary: First Horse in Bible's Book of Revelation/Apocalypse

  8. Yeah just took everybody out there in YouTube land who loves to see how great the Canadian system of socialism and healthcare and everything else is listen to Viva about the taxes you pay there compare that like the UK and all of the northern European countries which have some kind of socialized medicine or exercise retirement accounts you are paying so much tax and the people who retire don't get that back plus their healthcare kind of actually sucks because I know Viva has his own private supplemental health insurance so he can get into the doctor's quicker if he has to cuz he's talked about having to spend days in an ER to get his kid looked at so the people who put down the US health Care system yeah it's expensive yeah there's a lot of bureaucracy but you don't have to wait 6 months to a year to see an oncologist. In there are Medicaid and Medicare systems for poor people or retirees so the people that normally aren't covered are working Young or if you are younger and you have a family yet then your health care is going to kill you but if you got plenty of money the US is the best place in the world to ever get sick.

  9. 58:49 If I could draw another parallel and say this is like a Trojan horse scenario. People infiltrate these decades old, trusted institutions and use their good name to spout ideas and values that aren't shared by the majority.

  10. This show inspired me to watch more rumble, 28 days to break a habit, that's your timeline YouTube

  11. Not to mention you don't truth you tell a truth that's commenting on true social it's not tweeting not tweeting and even tweeting everybody laughed at especially mainstream media who had nothing to do with Twitter at all before Donald Trump