Musk tells Twitter employees he wants at least a billion daily users

Tesla founder Elon Musk held a meeting at Twitter today to discuss his plans for the company, in the event he closes his deal to acquire the social media company. With CNBC’s Steve Kovach.


  1. Can you say bye bye!😂 sale that stock! Sucker's! I hope he treats black people and people of color better than he did at Tesla!😂 good luck!

  2. Let that guy do his things. You guys are so much inferior compared to him…BTW, for Elon, dont focus on what he says, focus on what he does…

  3. Where will they get a billion users? He should be realistic, Twitter is a terrible platform he shouldn't have bought it.

  4. 1 billion Daily Active Users is a far cry from Twitters current measurement of 290 Million MONTHLY Active Users….. Twitter used to report DAU but switched to MAU cuz the numbers crashed

  5. Well… I put in 2 hrs a week.. I’d say that’s quite significant don’t you think? Elon can’t find fault with that…..!

  6. Twitter employees don’t like E Musk? Wait till they face the person he hires to run the company.
    If you don’t make money for the company you are non essential. Don’t forget the Swingline on your way out.

  7. Elon must Consider all StarLinks at Ukraine are shot down.Very last one j8st after Macron visit. Now he may consider sending Howitzers as Ukraine need it the MOST!!!!!

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  9. Well if I can't fully control my product or get all of my or the product in full after full purchases are complete then I wouldn't buy it either.

  10. Most of the Twitter employees should be fired for being Karen’s. Why doesn’t Elon hire Sen Warren to run Twitter?