Well, He Did It.

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Elon Musk recently tweeted out his support for Ron DeSantis for president in the 2024 election. Shapiro weighs in.

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  1. Im not an Amercan. But i think im a republican. Lol clearly they are not twisted and caught up and whatever the heck is happening to the u s

  2. Democrat only thinks you are smart when you agreed to their narratives. The reality of the truth is that Democrat are nothing but a bunch liars and con-artists. And people who believe in them obviously have a very low IQ and can't think for themselves. It's sad.

  3. 0:20 This is insulting within the context of your conversations with Sam Harris and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Both of those individuals are clearly at a level of wisdom beyond your own yet hold opposing beliefs. This fact does not invalidate your position, but to imply they lack some wisdom of the world that you possess is wrong. They are weighing the importance of the same knowledge, or possibly greater knowledge, differently than you are. The sort of thing done because of wholly different world views, not a lack of knowledge or understanding.

    Edit: That said, DeSantis 2024 all the way.

  4. I find it mind buggling that the left is terrorised by the possibikity that Elon would censure opinions and manipulate informations for pecuniary motives. Wich is the statu quo. And that's why for them we need to not change the formula.

  5. Not only is it just a joke, it is funny because it is true, that he is from Africa and is now living in america.

  6. Very rich coming from the left, considering Elon has an IQ of 155 and they have an average IQ OF 50

  7. Believe it or not. People who disagree with you can be smart politically and people can agree with you and still be dumb politically. Elon musk is dumb politically even though he agrees with us.

  8. Well, "media" is all about word-smithing, narrative pushing, and frank outright gas lighting! Not wanting to 'fat shame', but take a look at online headline "Camila Cabello's Sculpted Booty and Abs sizzle in blue string bikini". There is absolutely NOTHING sculpted in any of those pics. She is a thick women….fat. You don't see "abs". Still, we are in a time when media and agenda pimps propagate false narratives and try to re-invent reality.

  9. DeSantis has put Florida in the toilet fentanyl deaths are through the roof there's a drug shootout every 10 minutes everybody's leaving Florida because of it who's going to pay the taxes the BLM? And you want more of the same across America? ☠️🏴‍☠️😭🤪🤯💥🔫 Homeless people building shanty towns on the sidewalk 🥺 bodys stacking up from overdose 🥶🥵 oh yeah!! DeSantis stands are real good chance against Trump 👉🤪 I think this guy is bought and paid for 🤑and you shouldn't listen to him he's misleading the public🤖

  10. Ironically, you do need at least one of these traits to be a leftist but generally have all three.

  11. Calling Musk "Not so bright" is like calling Bjorn Hafthor "not so strong"
    Or Joseph Stalin "Not so Evil"

    He's quite possibly the most intelligent business man in the world.

  12. Anyone that goes agaist the Democrats after Biden is going to win. I'm a Trump Only Voter, I dare you to put up anyone other than a TRUMP and I won't vote