In this video, I want to talk about this new lawsuit against Elon and his companies, Tesla and SpaceX. Did Elon gain from pumping and dumping Dogecoin? Also I gave a quick update on US markets and Bitcoin.

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  2. I doubt Elon would lose this lawsuit. Also, sold Doge and all my shitcoins for usdt back in the day, still have it laying around for me to buy that cheap btc

  3. You know it’s about US when you hear that some lazy bums trying to get easy money by suing someone hard working because they thought they were entitled for some easy money in Doge but bought the top and now blame that due for it.

  4. Thanks so much for another video. I loved that place in Oregon, would love to visit. What's the Hotel George? Marvelous and peaceful location for sure. Congrats from Lisbon, Portugal.

  5. Great sue him now no mars or any thing fun to watch on TV. Well I guess back to Covid and shootings

  6. Sued for "touting" "then let the price tumble" 🤣. I guess this Keith Johnson fellow must be new to how markets work.. Wow glad I got out of crypto in April this is just getting silly now

  7. Honestly the only reason i bought Dogecoin was because of Elon. I didn't know about crypto, so bought into the F.O.M.O and it was because of Elon Musk .

  8. I believe the guy who's targeting Elon Musk is right about of what he is accusing him of. Of course the dumping wasn't this weeks, that was done more than a year ago. But ya I agree that Elon used it's twiteer and it's companies pump the dodge and then lost its interest and sold before their companies and Twitters left and announced that they left of the doge coin. But that something he can do because it's not a regulated market, if it was we wouldn't risk doing something like that. But obviously that would be hard ou pretty much impossible to prove.

  9. That's a stupid BS lawsuit and anyone can sue anyone for anything. Should be sanctioned for filing a frivolous suit — no basis to bring companies into it first of all, and agree with you this was just a way to get attention and try to get some $ settlement.

  10. Those who believe so much in Elon should not blame Elon …. should blame on their own Greed and being stupid.

  11. lmao this will get thrown out, morons don't take responsibility for their own decisions.