Former Twitter Employee Reacts to All-Hands Meeting With Musk

Kleiner Perkins Scout and former Twitter employee Claire Díaz-Ortiz join Emily Chang and Bloomberg’s Ed Ludlow to discuss Twitter’s all-hands meeting with Elon Musk where the Tesla CEO discussed his stance on what types of content should be allowed on the social network.


  1. To compare Elon to a whinning todler exposes what type of mentality is at Twitter concurrently.

  2. Elon will buy it, make it private, and will immediately cut the fat. These “experts” are really stupid people.

  3. Twitter seems full of lazy, socialist SJW snowflakes. They don't make money and don't seem to care. He needs to fire most of them, move it out of CA, and bring in his own people and run it like a business.

  4. Claire – freedom of speech at times can be offensive. That's the idea. So tired of young people complained, looking for safe spaces and tissue boxes for their teary eyes. Grow up. Be offended sometimes. It'll make you stronger. Also, your stance on this will actually hurt your company.

  5. What if all the smart people at Twitter bail and make a new Twitter social media platform. Sure, Musk will probably try to sue the hell out of them, but make him do that. You know he hates paying his attorneys if he's getting busted by SEC all the time.

  6. "Musk pledges no changes at Twitter for ‘exceptional’ workers" creating a new class of workers in his company sounds like a huge change. I guess they'll be the ones on the floor with bullwhips. Are you sure Musk isn't trying to run for president? He's got the deceitful double-talk the right wingers love so much. And the Trumpster temper tantrums.

  7. twitter are lucky to have lost this lady employee, comparing Elon to her kids. who of her kids has sent someone to space? Its common knowledge that twitter is a shockingly run company. no wonder they have not engineered any new with employees of her ilk.

  8. Bloomberg please stick to business news and not divisive preaching? Wait, it’s Michael Bloomberg…..

  9. You are crazy People and do the crazy talk.

    I am so glad this is coming to an end soon ☺️

  10. So he’s basically walked into a company he doesn’t yet own and started intimidating the staff and firing people?

  11. she keeps calling elon a child, lol. if the deal goes though her head would explode, i would pay real money to see that rotflol

  12. Censorship assumes you are enlightened enough to know what's in the best interest of the user and you alone have access to truth and users aren't bright enough to accept it if they are exposed to censored views. Given the poor track record of 'experts' and fact checkers, if there was some self awareness, this would have been obvious to them.

    Now add conflicts of interest, monopoly power, an insular worldview, you have a totalitarian corrupt system that blocks anything inconvenient to their beliefs, profits, agenda and interests. We used to mock the church for the same thing in the middle ages.

  13. Emily, perhaps you can invite a more respectable (and more professional) guest, not like that Diaz person, shaking her head, rolling her eyes, bloating her eyes, smirking, supercilious tone of voice, facial displays of condescension, etc , as if those gestures will put down Elon Musk. One can tell that she does not deserve to be called a professional. Also, saying that she knows people with great ideas who will not participate because they will not feel safe – such wokery should not be entertained in any Bloomberg platform. Bloomberg is a professional platform, so please do not include gutter propagandists.

  14. Content moderation aka censorship masquerading as protecting vulnerable people ('safety') is the most disingenuous thing. if someone needs to be protected they can opt to limit feeds they are exposed to – as we do with children on youtube. Users are not children and you, the moderators, hardly know better what's in the users best interest. Their actual goal is to control what others speak and keep their power over the town square to privilege points of view they can''t defend.

  15. Hopefully after this lady is done throwing her tantrum she won't want the deal to fall through anymore.

  16. Elon Musk: The richest man in the world's history has decided to spend his time to become a world grifter. He does not care whose life he destroys. What a waste of talent.