Breaking News! Ron DeSantis’ joke about ‘African-American support’ from Elon Musk. Hell breaks loose

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  2. Africa is a continent. Either you're American or you're not. Northern Africa is mostly Arab people. It's not a "black" continent. Facts.

  3. "Love your neighbor as yourself" – JC
    "If you treat everybody with respect [you don't need all the extra rules]" – Ty
    "If you are born in America, you are an American." – Ty

    We caught that little hint you dropped about your future plans. Keep being honest, keep building your brand and keep a direct line of communication with your audience.

  4. Well in Miami the Cubans have light Cubans and dark Cubans but they are all Cubans!

  5. Elon Musk is an African-American, but all of those black American "journalists" aren't. And they're so jealous 🤣

  6. Black side of family I know throw shade if you’re sayin African American this or African American that anyway, now people are pissed on behalf of black peoples that actual white African Americans are encroaching on the title? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. Neither one of Musk's parents were American. His father was South African while his mother was Canadian then moved to South Africa so he wasn't American at all in the first place, he was African. In 2002 he applied for American citizenship so he is African American and if you say otherwise because of the color of his skin you're racist.

  8. Elon is more African American than me! And I’m Black! I have NO connections to Africa.

  9. A US President can only be "Elected Twice"…. This was changed/implented after FDR was elected 4 times in the 1930"s……
    So the only way a president can serve more that 8 years is if they became the President through a transfer of Power/Sucession from the postition of Vice-President/Speaker of House, then get elected/re-elected.
    There is one president that served twice, Grover Cleveland was the 22nd & 24th President……

  10. I am not surprised. pple no longer have senses of humour and blck Americans who cant accept that they are not African American……lmao. Charlize/Elon were actually born in Africa.

  11. FL didn’t do well. They hid the numbers and continue to do so. He actually had the woman whose job it was to report the numbers fired. Then when she continued to publish the numbers, he had her arrested. Every one of our hospitals in this state were full of the dying for months. Make no mistake, people died by the hundreds of thousands here.

  12. Elon Musk is thousands of times MORE African American than people who have been American for 20 -30 generations.

  13. actually florida did horrible with covid , according the the florida state auditor general ,Florida’s COVID-19 data was so inaccurate, incomplete and delayed during the first months of the pandemic that government officials and the public may not have had necessary information to determine the effectiveness of the state’s COVID-19 precautions and the best plan to fight the virus, according to a state report released Monday. Covering the state’s pandemic response from March to October 2020, the year-long analysis by the State Auditor General found missing case and death data, unreported demographic details, and incomplete contact tracing as the virus spread across the state. In addition, the report concluded that state health officials did not perform routine checks on the data to ensure accuracy and did not follow up on discrepancies.