The Main Takeaways From Musk's Address to Twitter Staff

Elon Musk addressed Twitter employees for the first time since agreeing in late April to buy the company for $44 billion. He discussed his stance on what types of content should be allowed on the social network. Ed Ludlow has more on “Bloomberg Markets.”


  1. Obvious to me Musk will move Twitter to Texas, and he will gut the Liberal leadership just by doing that as they quit. Main reason for the move will be to save Twitter the California 14% state income tax bill.

  2. So his plan is to charge customers for something they were getting for free. Nah I'll pass.

  3. Imagine going into debt to buy a website thats just filled with people constantly dunking on you. How embarrassing.

  4. FYI Theirs no such thing as breaking the law by saying things on the internet. Tech companies are breaking the law by turning in your information to law enforcement. The only thing in the US which says its against the law to make threats and such comes from supreme court statutes on the 1st amendment. The same 1st amendment that tech companies ignore completely while they censor you for hate speech. If 1st amendment statutes apply to me for internet speech then the 1st amendment applies to tech companies, and so does any privacy laws.

    If you wanna harass users for threats on the internet then first do a supreme court ruling that says the US constitution applies to the digital world. They only apply for me and not for thou. It doesn't work that way. These people want you to believe typing a threat on the internet is equivalent to knocking on your neighbors door and telling him you're gonna kill him. But at the same time monitoring your comments and removing them is not equivalent to the federal express opening your mail and destroying it for speech they don't like.

  5. If your “truth” can’t withstand opposition, you have managed to get your hands on an embarrassingly fragile “truth.” You should try to support a truth that not only doesn’t fear opposition, but actually SEEKS IT OUT. You need a robust truth that says, “Bring it on!”

  6. ☝ Watch Our Content! Are You Ok? Only O- Blood Type Survives The Rapture… IF They Survive 'The Inquisition'! All Others Have Already Been Deemed 'Unfixable' And Will Know Hell On Earth! 👽👻⚡👁

  7. I left Twitter years ago, and never looked back. Left FB this year. At some point, the harm far outweighs any good.

  8. "Elon Musk is doing exactly what plutocrats have always been doing: using money to buy power and power to protect their money, taking control of media to rig the discourse and hedge against resentment, and branding themselves the solution to the very problem they are."
    — Anand Giridhararadas

  9. Elon needs to stay away from politics. He will loose money if he doesn't. Should just concentrate on his businesses. In regards to Twitter there are a lot of people aren't going to pay for what amounts to a bulletin board service. I predict they will move somewhere else.

  10. Elons is just attacking the Dems social media platform, called Twitter. He hasnet bought it yet, and doesnt have to. Joe Biden allready feel the ground burning, supporting the old,car companies. Soon Elon will throw Oil/gas/coal sponsored Donald Trump under the bus, by securing he will not gonna be the top republican candidate for 2024, but Trumps apponent Ron are put in place. That is called disruption, instead of Woking to one side of the aisle or the other.