Can Elon Musk end Twitter's far-left bias?

OutKick founder Clay Travis discusses Elon Musk’s first planned townhall with Twitter employees and his recent venture into politics. #foxnews

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  1. Just to be clear Republicans are holding up a (modest) deal on gun safety because they want (some) people who were CONVICTED OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE or SUBJECT TO A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDER to still be able to buy guns

  2. I only vote for candidates who are:

    1. Pro-Choice

    2. Pro-Universal HealthCare

    3. Pro-tougher gun laws

  3. “No person shall…hold any office, civil or military, under the US, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath…to support the Constitution…shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” —14th Am.

  4. Why are comments allowed on this video but the comments are turned off on the video of the January 6th Committee?

  5. Peter Navarro’s attorney today asked the court to delay his trial date so he can go on a book tour to raise money for his defense. His request was denied.

  6. Just promote fairness and respect and freedom of speech.
    Like speakers corner in Hyde Park UK

  7. ^^^^ Selfish interests are served BEST by freely serving the interests of others EXISTNC

  8. How the Biden are going to spent that dark money when they are in prison??? Justice needs to be served!!!! Lock the SOB Garland up for corruption of justice!

  9. We’ll fire them all and start afresh with a new labour pool. Simple, when plants get a disease you cut them down to stop infection to the rest of the crop.

  10. If you Don't Agree with the " far-left," then You Must be a White Supremist – REALLY?!

  11. No. Twitter just turned everything over to robots. In a discussion about Uvalde a person wrote "Spare the rod and spoil the child. " I wrote that you can't beat sanity into a young man and they should use a rod on him and see what difference it makes. The Twitter robot froze my account for "hateful" content and to unlock my account I would have to erase that comment. There is no way that Musk can know where and when this sort of thing is going on. So, no Musk could have no effect on the far left tilt of Twitter. It would be a waste of his money.

  12. Elon is pretty smart. Just a year ago, the right-wing hated him and anything to do with alternative energy. They slammed Musk for his lithium mining practices, still fighting for oil and claiming that Musk supports green energy. He makes a move to buy Twitter and “save free speech”, hints at reinstating Trump to the platform and suddenly Musk has supporters of Tesla, green energy, and Space X from both sides of the political spectrum. Pretty genius! Thanks, Musk for getting the cave men to see the benefits of electric cars!

  13. I pray the coming days teach you people that money matters more than mission to a billionaire, even him.

  14. Congratulations to the first Mexico born, Republican woman to turn a 100 year Senate Seat RED in Texas!

  15. Bullspit. He's simply attempting to force out the left leaning members. When it happens you'll have another Trump social network. And the left will move on to a different forum.

  16. The problem is he is going to have to fire hundreds because they have been allowed to live in a leftist Utopia for a decade with the power to censor. They now are like the politicians in Washington and have elevated themselves above those they censonr

  17. I hope Elon Musk is the "man." I'm so sick of the Left being in "control" and their manipulative tactics. If "Free Speech" returns, I'll be first in line to open a Twitter Account. I feel the same about Facebook, Google, and all the rest.

  18. Well if I can't fully control my product or get all of my or the product in full after full purchases are complete then I wouldn't buy it either.

  19. Elon Musk is a gift from Heaven and a Rockstar ♨️ Boom 😎 Boom ….. Twitter employee should listen to this African American. He knows a lot 🤗🤗

  20. Why don't we get an influx of white south Africans and mayb that'll change an Outlook just a thought

  21. In my opinion, not just bots- there are some forced accounts as well. Easy to open the IG, Facebook but they don’t let you close your account / accounts even when you’re dead. They need the numbers of the opened accounts for their stock markets.

  22. Far-left bias?
    There are more conservatives on Twitter than liberals, who've been leaving because it's become toxic!

    And Biden has been pushed "too far left"?
    The SAME far-left who you call crybabies for NOT GETTING WHAT THEY WANT?

    THEY HAVE NO CORPORATE DONORS, so HOW would they control Biden, who DOES?

    And now this "LONG TIME TWITTER SHAREHOLDER" wants to criticize the company who's policies he CLEARLY supports seeing as HE'S REMAINED A SHAREHOLDER AND MADE MONEY FROM IT!

    More BS from Fox "NEWS".

  23. Musk is just a fair weather Republican. He thinks he will make money buying TWTR but Oresident Trump will never return to TWTR and without him TWTR dies. When that happens you will see Musks true colors. He was silent when TWTR blocked President Trump for no good reason and when it banned the NY Post for reporting the truth about the Biden Mob Family laptop.

  24. Anything compared to Fox/Trump/Putin is far left. Same yellow journalism as 100 years ago!

  25. Em has 8 kids?

    The more I learn about the guy the more I respect him…
    Hope he's not another Demon in human clothing

  26. … well not if the leftist Marxists continue to have it their way, he won't accomplish anything.