Elon Musk JUST DELIVERED KILLER Drones That Will Help Ukraine BEAT Russia!

Elon Musk JUST DELIVERED KILLER Drones That Will Help Ukraine BEAT Russia!

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The Russo-Ukrainian War is a conflict among Russia (along with pro-Russian rebel groups) and Ukraine that is still continuing. It occurred in February 2014, followed the Ukrainian Revolt of Self respect, and primarily centred on the international recognition of Ukraine and the Donbas as part of Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine (2014) as well as the conflict in Donbas (2014–present) among Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists, but also maritime events, cyberterrorism, and political tensions, marked the first eight years of the conflict. Having followed a Russian military develop on the Russia–Ukraine boundary beginning in late 2021, the conflict escalated substantially on February 24, 2022, when Russia initiated a massive invasion of Ukraine. What is Elon’s plan Russia-Ukraine war? Will Elon support Ukraine? Will Ukraine succeeds in the war?

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  1. Thank you Elon musk ❤️ this will help Ukraine so much ‼️🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇲 🌎💙💚

  2. Idont think it's right Elon Musk being involved , all though he means well to help,
    Provoking Russia isn't wise that' should be carefully treaded on,,it fantastic Elon Musk standing up for Ukraine defending themselves,but it something that shouldn't be boasted about,could be provoking Russia which makes it all people n living creature's on Earth involved,, considerin world war is the outcome n the whole world being nuked isn't something to take litely,,
    SHEPHERDs are needed o. Earth 🙏,peaceful intentions are needed more tgan ever
    One love to all Earth
    SHEPHERDs of Earth 🙏😇🌍💖

  3. The drones are in thier own body's. Guns and drones or any of that, no longer needed. Its inside the body, and all it takes is the decision of who is in charge, of if or when it will designate. Innocent people dont have anything to worry about that. Only the terrorists group and terrorist organizations. Guilty ones only ok. Remember only the guilty. We can call it drones i guess.

  4. They are focused on my sin here and others in my apartment, but the main thing they all dont speak about is thier spyware that they have in all are home. Since my nieghbors are considered witnesses and loose ends, well guess what, they are going to be purposely attacked and giving everything to get them helpless. So that no one in the legal authority will ever believe them due to thier situation ok. Thats how Sajjad Ahmed and his terrorist organization group work. Its a good thing that its not like that with these individuals that are taking over. Forensics now. Every detail. Due to the reasons of the tactics these terrorists use to destroy the witnesses to devalue thier plea for help from oppression. Well, thanks to forensics, anyone not connected to any of this terrorist and are innocent, and dont know what is going on, well you have nothing to worry about ok. Only the guilty one.

  5. Apparently my nieghbors in apartment in the end near alley has attended classes connected to Sajjad Ahmed and his associates terrorist group. He confirmed the female that calls herself, lesbian. So thats the reason why he speaks only to me in a way as if im the enemy. But in reality, they are, im just concerned looking out. Also last week they said that saedee died, i was assuming the dog, so redflag that from last week, its the death threats towards saedee from Sajjad Ahmed and his terrorist group.

  6. There are 'always' 2 sides to every story, so I find it convenient that we've never gotten the Russian take on all this. (The following is in no way a reflection of the good people of Ukraine who are blameless.) Given that Ukraine has, for years, been a bed of corruption for human trafficking, child trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, money laundering, bio-weapons manufacturing and more, is it any wonder that Ukraine just may be a boil on Russia's rear end?
    The real story of Ukraine's political/upper echelon's vulgar existence is just starting to finally come to light. Example? After months of absolutely lying shamelessly, the Pentagon (yes, our Pentagon) finally admitted to funding,, with our tax payer dollars, at least 46 bio-labs in Ukraine! 46!?!?! WTH! What country would want that on their border? The US would never tolerate it! Based on my other information, that's just the tip of the ice berg. The corruption link between the Biden family and the Ukrainian government will be showing itself in the near future.
    This is just the beginning of the story. Don't hold your breath believing that it's been the Russians doing most of the harm to civilians, corrupt Ukrainian militia groups have been sacrificing innocent civilians and false flagging it to the Russian troops for political sympathy. This too, will be revealed!
    Time has a way of sifting the out the truth! As for Elon, either he's incredibly 'stupid naive' in this situation or he's up to some thing else. Again, only time will tell.

  7. War aid is killing oneself. Go, evacuate
    Who knows what everybody's lives have in store for them. Your kids won't be there when you won't be there.
    Losing land not life is not right.
    Wastage of life and lifetime over land is not right. Go save refugees in other countries.
    Patriotism is towards citizens, people first and land, cites afterwards.
    Anybody saving lives is more patriotic than bourgeois life losers for land. Land saved can be reattacked and retaken. Life is priority.
    Winning is lifesaving. Killing is not winning, saving, evacuating lives is winning.
    Land is baggage, leave.
    Land is stage trap, love is not.
    Loved ones can be free,relocate elsewhere and live happily.

  8. According to the news, the US Pentagon has just admitted to developing 46 biological weapons labs in the Ukraine. Did Russia think this was a bit close to their borders?

  9. ELon Musk (Tony Stark), the only thing he needs to do now is create a flying weapon iced exoskeleton (Iron Man).


  11. Even though I like what Elon is doing with space and such, however the fact that he's not supporting Russia and providing support against it is starting to make me have a distaste for him, and think he's probably doing this for self interest, as no intelligent person would be oblivious enough as to think that going against Russia is the right thing to do.

  12. I hope this info is wrong. Ukraine is political washing machine for corrupt American elites! I don’t wanna think Elon would be one:(