Elon Musk Just Confirmed Twitter Employees WORST Fears In All Hands Meeting! Layoffs Are Coming!

Elon Musk Just Held All Hands Meeting At Twitter! Thank you to Gameloft for sponsoring the video. Download Heroes of the Dark NOW:
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  1. Elon Musk: "From now on, Twitter will be a NORMAL company."
    Employees & Twitteratis: "How dare you!"

  2. Fire the woke. Ban them from the grocery stores, schools and government. Starve them out. The human race will cease to exist if we keep going down this insane road.

  3. Simple comment to those twitter employees getting laid off.
    "Just censor those tweets, just like you censor other people you disagree with."

  4. Soooo – employees who drove the company into the ground are suddenly worried about losing their jobs?

  5. Jeremy Are you hiring? I do I.T for a living network security and web development mainly but I do know a lot of I.t stuff and could help you and your business. Seeing as I’m still in college I’m willing to do it cheaper than most, simply because I want the learning experience too,

  6. My man trolling on the 5th dimension. He has not purchased Twitter yet but runs things now lol.

  7. The employees were well within their rights to criticize their boss, though much like most things in the real world it has its consequences. Remember people you can say almost anything you want to anyone, but that don't mean those people can't retaliate just that the government can't.

  8. is Musk supporting Ambers press tour that continues her defamatory lies and abuse towards all jurors judge attorneys witnesses rando perspns

  9. If my company HQ was located in downtown San Francisco, I would be very concerned about being allowed to work from home as well!

  10. ElonMusk put an overflatted cost onto what was people communications on world wide web in the name of twitter…

  11. Our team has been just as productive working from home BUT we had a system in place, and 2 managers that do nothing but watch efficiency. In real time, we can document people that are falling short, not contributing, or not actively working. We can then course correct.

    But, we've had a lot longer to figure this stuff out. We worked from home 6 years before covid.

    It's perfect for us, but I'm sure it doesn't work for every company.

  12. He had the online meeting why not ask for an outline for each department and a synopsis of his expectations on how to grow the company? They asked “why do you like Twitter?” Questions about his political views??? When she laughed at him about aliens and he ended by saying I haven’t seen any. Seriously? The man just paid $44 billion for a company, creates tons of jobs, runs a multimillion dollar company and he’s being talked to like a child. Just my observation.

  13. Jeremy: working from home is less efficient

    Also Jeremy: I work from home and let my employees work from home

    It’s never really about “efficiency”, it’s about micromanaging people and wanting to exercise that power.

  14. If you're a good employee, you don't need to worry about getting fired because you're either too valuable to the company or because you do such a good job, you'll get rehired almost instantly by someone else. BUT, if you're a POS communist that works 4 hours every 3 months while getting full time salary, then yeah, YOU SHOULD WORRY.

  15. I actually lean on the side of the deal falling apart. The price will drop farther than it did before he entered the fray, the company will hemorrhage users, Twitter will double down on their idiot policies and other social media companies will get a boost in the arm. "Saving" Twitter as a major mode of communication encourages the consolidation of its power.

  16. then they'll be in the same position as a lot of other people…I don't feel sorry for them…I'm sure anyone he let's go probably deserves it!!!