DeSantis COY On Elon Musk's Support: ‘I Welcome Support From African Americans'

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Elon Musk’s endorsement of Ron DeSantis.

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  1. I live in FL and I can't hire qualified candidates for less than $15 per hour and even at that rate, it's tough. We don't need legislation to raise the minimum wage, high inflation is doing that on its own.

  2. BJG is terrible – I'm unsubscribing until she's off. There HAS to be a better leftist commentator for this show…

  3. Is Florida doing worse than other states? From where I sit, they’ve got a better economy, and they’ve protected the people of the state when it came to government overreach. I didn’t know about housing issues.

  4. I love this girl so much I give her half of my love for Kim Iverson now that she got married with none alcohol 🍷 drinks 🥤

  5. Bri… crazy, unserious, and malicious people took over your movement. They spent years talking about "grab em by the p**sy" talk, then elect a guy who actually did it. You guys dropped My Body My Choice the second the vax was released, and are trying to pick it back up. You spent 4 years Russiagating, then all of the sudden nobody can mention elections. Your policies blast crime through the roof, then you demand gun control.

    The left has lost all of its credibility, and it's not coming back for probably a generation. There is no reason to take people seriously who flip their principles on a dime and only have situational ethics. Now everyone associated gets painted with the same brush regardless of if it's fair or not. It's just the way it is.

  6. The more I watch Bri she doesn't debate methodically on evidence like Robby does. She just complains about stuff she doesn't like. I enjoyed seeing her in this seat but the more she engages the less her comments are about actual facts rather than just her emotions and feelings.

  7. This is really desperate on her part, just rummaging through her memory: "what else can I say negatively about DeSantis. I already mention Yellowstone and Gulf eating…" People are flocking to Florida! Because if you look at other states, especially blue states – it's a mess!

  8. This show has become unwatchable due to Bri. She thinks one can not make a joke as long as there are problems in the world. Insane!

  9. We love our Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida !!!! Go spew your BS somewhere else lady.

  10. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I thought he was just joking about the fact that we use a politically-correct word that doesn’t always reference preconceived notions. BJG is a bit cringey here.

  11. I think that Desantis was making light of the fact that Democrats tell most people of color they aren't black unless they vote Democrat. Come on BJG. I love ya but we also need to laugh.

  12. Did you know there is suffering in the state of Florida? And politicians and rich people are indulging in humor. HUMOR!!!! How dare they!!!

  13. I'm 100% convinced she's just angry because she doesn't consider Elon to be African American.

  14. The chick with too many names thinks she knows better than the voters what is good for them. What humorless scold. BTW She forgot to mention Bernie.

  15. Bri, I love you. And I don't understand your reaction here. It seems unrelated to the topic.

  16. Florida is awesome !!!! Maybe that is why the prices for rent is so high, cause everyone agrees and you all keep moving here.
    I have historically voted for Democrats, but now ….
    De Santis 2024!!!

  17. Joy is a national treasure! To ignore the blatant trigger fodder, low hanging strange fruit and to go to heart take a level of patience and wisdom that most do not possess.