Elon Musk Announces 2024 Endorsement for President, SPOILER…It's NOT Trump

Elon Musk said on Wednesday morning that he was leaning toward Desantis in the next presidential election. Adrienne Lawrence and Wosny Lambre discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“In response to Elon Musk’s casual social media endorsement of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president in 2024, DeSantis responded during a Wednesday press conference with a bizarre joke: “I’m focused on 2022, but I welcome support from African Americans,” DeSantis said. Tesla CEO and billionaire Musk, who is from South Africa but is white, told his millions of Twitter followers on Wednesday that he’d likely back DeSantis if he were to run. The comment came in response to a user asking who he was “leaning towards” in the race, and whether he’d vote for a Republican, to which he responded that it was “tbd.” Musk noted that he had “supported Yang last time, but DeSantis has a better chance of winning.” DeSantis, who signed into law some of the nation’s most restrictive abortion legislation this spring, has not announced any intention of running in the 2024 election, but he is widely regarded as a potential GOP contender against Donald Trump. Musk also floated the idea of creating his own Super PAC to support “candidates with centrist views from all parties.””


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  1. South Africa apartheid racist groomed Elon Musk. Never trusted this guy. He's been hiding but can't help coming out.

  2. For being so rich, Elons lacking in many other things. Things he can't buy. How terribly far he's fallen

  3. Still behind president Biden 100%. Yes things aren't going well right now and that's because the GOP is preventing him from fixing Trump's disaster and as a result, it's only getting worse.

  4. I see a bunch of right Naz are commenting — Elon is not the savor. He cares about the planet but not the people on the planet, hence he wouldn't treat his workers as disposable things. He cares nothing about diversity or other cultures other then his own. Elon didn't invent Tesla or it's product, nor did he make them better. There are a whole lot of talented other people that make tesla great. Elon is a business man out to make a profit no matter who he destroys in the process. Money is green and has no owners. Grab it if you can.

  5. He is an oligarch. He is going to pick up Trump's mantle. He believes he can succeed where Trump failed. I have given you fair warning. He won't stop until he is our Putin.

  6. It's truly amazing how clever they think that "African-American" thing is. It wasn't funny or clever the first time it was used. Using it over and over and over doesn't help it become clever.

  7. You are so full of BS. So Musk backs Flores, a Hispanic woman, yet he is pushing a white man’s agenda. You are out of touch with reality because of your intersectional cult beliefs.

  8. What an absolute cesspool of c&nts work at that company, no wonder it doesn’t make any money. Losers.

  9. What happened to Musk ? Ron DeathSatan would probably be the worst Republican president in a long line of GOP presidential failures ( HW Bush , W Bush , Trump ). Not only that , Ron DeathSatan is a Nazi wannabe who has turned Florida into the least free state in the country , even for a garbage Red State !!! God have mercy on America if DeathSatan ever gets power !!!!

  10. Desantas would do a lot better job than Biden. Biden is running this country into the ground

  11. Young Turks you should actually endorse Tulsey Gaddarb she is the perfect candidate and she is capable of swinging the rust belt.

  12. Ykno, trolls, when I asked for more unique comments and things to bitch about, I did not expect that

  13. The only reason Elon Musk is the richest person alive is because of democrats. If it weren’t for democrats giving him money and making environmental policies that give Tesla an edge over other manufacturers, Tesla would be worth less than Nissan instead of being three times that of Toyota. The fact that he’s trying to use his influence to help republicans who want to get rid of environment laws and promote big oil is not only ungrateful but completely irresponsible to his shareholders.

  14. America is doomed if Ron DeathSentence ever gets in the White House. He might be a bigger danger to freedom in America than Trump. It's terrifying how many people support authoritarianism in America.

  15. Literally nobody cares about the opinions of progressives like the Turks…Just ask the Democrats lol how is the Bernie nomination going? What's it now, 2 or 3 election cycles? I forgot

  16. Ron DeathSentence will NEVER win another election, cause his lil White Supremacist Republikkkan MAGAT CULT Bubble is gonna POP when he tries to run outside of Florida! Florida is DUMB obviously if they voted for this White Supremacist Republikkkan CULT MAGAT FAKETRIOT COWARD DISASTER!🍊🤡💥🔫🤨

  17. Stop enabling Billionaire scum, like this. Just say no to Billionaire's and their wares. They are destroying Capitalism; the top 5% will only grow in Asset domination, leading to 80-100 hour work weeks, along with 75 year old's slaving to survive, (ask Lindsey Graham about the death of SS and Medicare) mandatory. Pigs, fat gruesome, and 100% enabled.