WATCH: DeSantis's hilarious response to Elon Musk's DeSantis 2024 comment will make you laugh

On Thursday’s Wake Up America, Kelly Sadler and Christopher Arps reacted to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s response to Elon Musk saying he was leaning toward supporting DeSantis in the 2024 presidential election.

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  1. It would be dumb as a bag of sticks for dessntis! He can win in 2028 against a black woman with big hair n teeth

  2. Trump should be president. He doesn't have to run for re election so he can clean house this time. That's why the left is scared of him

  3. Desantis is great but Trump will win in 2024 and take the next 8 years, Desantis can run after that for the next 8 years. That’s 16 years of republican rule if they play it smart.

  4. I think DeSantis wants to finish what he's doing in Florida. Then it would be awesome if he was Trumps running mate and vice president then president. This country would be incredible.

  5. All those Arabs living in Africa must wonder why they are ignored when it come from being called African American.

  6. I love them both and it would be a tough decision. I'd love to see both Trump and DeSantis in the White House.

  7. DeSantis should join the Trump ticket in 2024. Then, run in the 2028 Presidential race.

  8. Yes the same case would be a good runner but I hope he would wait if Trump runs if Trump can't run come on d'sante

  9. Trump/Desantis is unbeatable IF they dems aren't able to steal it or create a crisis

  10. Yes, Governor DeSantis is a rising star and I weight support him in the future but Trump set an example to all the Republican how to fight against corruption politicians and Swamp! Trump deserves another term to fulfill his unfinished job due to the relentless falsehood and attacks. DeSantis is young and his family and state need him more….

  11. DeSantis has to run in 2028. Definitely! We need Trump in 2024, DeSantis in 2028 & hopefully by 2036 we'll have another good candidate 🙏

  12. I agree on should Desantus wait if Trump runs. that way Desantus can run after trump, win-win…