Has Elon Musk REALLY Been Red-Pilled? | The News & Why It Matters | 6/15/22

Elon Musk voted Republican for the first time in his life, but does this mean he’s conservative? Plus, new audio reveals Hunter Biden may have more influence over the White House than we’d like. And why is the new Buzz Lightyear movie gay?


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  1. Put Trump back in for the next term to do the dirty work then Desantin for the next 8 years to polish it up.

  2. Adderall fueled women leading low IQ conversation. We deserve better. Now talking over themselves. I hate criticism of the right but please raise your consciousness. Like going to a chatty dentist.

  3. I wonder how the Republicans will screw this up. Kinda like they do all the time by being spineless

  4. Sounds like Jason wants to seriously split the party & allow Dems back in???? Next he'll say hey Beto may not be to bad!!100% my 2024 is Pres Trump!!! We ALREADY KNOW HE has the COJOHNS to deal w bad situations!! Biden has cleared the way for ULTRA MEGA EXECUTIVE ORDER FROM DAY ONE OF THE NEW ADMINISTRATION. Cancel ALL the BS MOVES Biden enacted. DeSantis would be a awesome V- PRES, however Florida isn't our of the woods of turning totally red w thousands of Looney's flocking to Florida from BLUE STATES..They have caused the housing market to quadrupled the prices of homes wherever they go. Primarily because they're coming from states where they sell their house for a million dollars ++, come to other states get the same or even BETTER house then they left for $350,000-$45,000. They bank the left over profit of $60-70,0000.
    While a house we used to pay $150-200,000 now cost us $450,000 up to $650,000. very huge huge part of the recent inflation that we're experiencing housing rentals purchasing has gone through the absolute roof because of these people.

  5. Wouldn't unanimous consent tell you that EVERYONE voted in favor of it? Asking for a friend AOC…

  6. RED WAVE!?!? BULL💩💩💩!!!
    WAKE THE {<<>,{?>K UP AMERICA!!

  7. Desantis and Tim Scott ticket… brings the black vote AND America already has the title of America’s Governor. I love Trump but we need to stick it to the democrats and if they finagle with another elections, it will get more attention. There is no way Biden beats Desantis

  8. We will see elon musk flying around in an iron man suit soon! You heard it here first folks!

  9. I live in a rural, mountain, canyon with funky, Verizon only, cell service.
    The cell tower actually runs off the local Frontier DSL service here.
    Does Patriot Mobile cover locations like this?

  10. Trump has a leadership power but
    He need a good fellows, but I could find another Trump …sad truth of Republicans…we need good leadership…to make America great again !!

  11. Let Trump go in and do the heavy work for the next four years then Desantis in for the next 8 years to polish it up.

  12. I love President Trump however, personally I think DeSantis should run and be the next President. Mr. President stay the kingmaker and bankroll this stuff. Get rid of the McConnell, Collins, and all the others. America First

  13. I would say trump 2024 then de Santas 2028 and 2032. That will be 12 years of America first and draining the swamp

  14. GOP took over the hispanic vote lol……………………………………….dems entire future is GONZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dems wiped out the black voters with mass, mass abortions with the hope of replacing them with the hispanics and now the hispanics are all getting RED PILLED by REALITY 🙂 🙂 🙂