Ron DeSantis Responds to Elon Musk's 2024 Support, Makes Joke that Triggers the Liberals!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that he welcomes the support of the world’s richest man after Tesla CEO Elon Musk after he revealed that he will support Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential election if he decides to run. He also made a joke that triggered the liberals in the best way possible!

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  1. CNN communist news network ABC Americans broadcast communism NBC nationals broadcast communism CBS communist broadcast service npr national Pravda radio New yuck times naacp national association for the advancement of communist people…

  2. Mr. DeSantis will get my vote in 2024! Time to really shake DC up! Not go along to get along like somebody else!

  3. I am loving this guy! As a supporter of the US from down here in Australia, it makes me weep to see such a great country twisting itself inside out. DeSantis is a sensible breath of fresh air. If only the US had more leaders like him, the country would be even greater than it is.

  4. 20mins of high energy god emperor level truths vs dementia joe 20 secs of incoherent non-english gribble

  5. Voters can't send anyone packing this November if democrat party commits a repeat of last fraudulent election.hashtag your vote doesn't count .

  6. I wonder how joe feels, KNOWING he's the worst president in history! My question is this, since EVERYONE knows he's loosing it, and has done nothing to help this country, how the hell is he still in office?!

  7. Joe need to address the problem before he can fix it .if there no problem you can fix it if it not brokebhe can't fix it

  8. DeSantis should run for POTUS!!! This guy has absolute common sense! Florida is now the best state to live in the US.

  9. De Santis is doing an outstanding job as governor of Florida while at the same time taking care of its people.Most important is he protects our constitution as all paid(by the people) politicians should. He just plain does what needs to be done while all others just bitch and complain and do nothing or very little.I don't understand, if he can, why can't the rest of you follow his example. Republicans,, you talk the talk, now follow De Santis and walk the walk..

  10. It wasn’t even a joke. Elon was born and raised in South Africa. Damn racist assholes think African is a COLOR!

  11. Nothing of the lefts whacked out grooming should ever have made it anywhere near a child or a school.