Elon Musk says he’s leaning toward casting presidential vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024

Although Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has yet to announce if he will run for president in 2024, if he does, he may have the support of the world’s richest man. Early on Wednesday morning, billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that he is leaning toward DeSantis for president.


  1. There has to something in this for Musk…Florida has no taxes so he could keep moving his businesses out of CA. Follow the $$. This is not about the people. And he is not African American Desantis.

  2. And return that would take Congress out and legislation out so you wouldn't be able to curtain for yourself nor will anybody else the defense will really be your liable choice

  3. What that means if you are a millionaire or billionaire whatever you evolved in our whatever your business is they can take it from you and use it for a personal benefit so you work for nothing it'll be the same thing they did to Gaddafi the head of the Liberal Army and Liberals who got killed for his proposal and wealth

  4. I wouldn't do that DeSantis is saying the defense should evolve biden them is showing what Democrats and Republicans are it suggesting liberal politics if they bring up Liberation Army in defendant show their defense they can basically cause martial law

  5. I'll never vote for someone who wants to take away women's rights to their body. Any woman who does is an idiot.

  6. Elon Musk knows nothing about Ron DeSantis. DeSantis punishes businesses and the people for

  7. I would rather have an actual turd win the presidency over DeSantis! It would stink less, get more done, be more personable, have more decorum. Turd 2024!

  8. the reason musk has been acting out like he has well for one thing he is wierd
    the reason is because he knows the gov..t owns him he can not do any thing with out the gov..ts consent that is concerning his buisnesses
    he is distraught about this reality
    so now as he is up against a wall now he knows if he cant beat them join them and that plays out by buying in on that deviant ron desantis
    this is musks only hope for control
    thats to beca part of the gov…t that has such tight control over his life
    its a desperation move
    we will see how this plays out

  9. Well I'm beginning to question Elon Musk's ability to choose politicians and women…

  10. I think Governor Abbott offers great incentives for Musk. If Musk came to Jacksonville people will not like the change, the cost of living will push all the Publix cashiers out of North Florida due to rent increases