Shady Details About Elon Musk & Amber Heard's Relationship That Never Made Sense

Shady Details About Elon Musk & Amber Heard’s Relationship That Never Made Sense

Did Amber Heard’s mom just expose Elon musk for being a terrible man? Were Amber Heard and Elon musk finally exposed for lying on several accounts, and where does Amber Heard’s new baby girl come into all of this?! Stick around, because we’ve got some pretty shady details on Amber and Elon Musks relationship…

It’s no secret that Amber Heard and Elon Musks’ relationship has been shady and dysfunctional, to say the least. For the past few months, these two Hollywood stars have been exposed for doing some pretty shocking things, but first, let’s give you some context.

Before Elon Musk came into the picture, Amber Heard was dating Johnny Depp. The pair hit it off in early 2012 and by 2015, they were married, but just 15 months after, Amber filed for a divorce and a restraining order, accusing Johnny of laying hands on her. Countless court battles later, Johnny has finally gained justice over Amber and her shocking claims that ruined his career.



  1. What if AH blackmailed Elon Musk into paying her legal team? It is possible for her to use her “baby daughter” as “a tool”. 👀

  2. Amber is a calculating stone cold abuser!! She married Johnny for the money and if she really loved him she would have signed the Pre- Nep!! At the same time she found someone even richer than Johnny so she was in parallel relationships to see what she could get out of them! The baby with Elon was her biggest calculating move! She is not fit to be a mother! She will use the baby in future to get a hold on Elons money! Why she is not in jail for openly lying in court is beyond me!


  4. Next target is EM… Elon Musk will be her FIX DEPOSIT… "EM, your baby is with me" AH… $$$$$… XOXO… 🤣🤣🤣

  5. (sigh) johnny sana ako na lang.. amber heard is evil she have behavior disorder she is a good liar. a gold digger actress

  6. I don't know why anyone would feel sorry for Elon… he was trying to get with her while she was with Johnny. He isn't innocent. Yes, it's very sad that she broke his heart, but I don't feel sorry for him. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. She never loved Johnny she used him Johnny was just a step in the door. She started fucking around on him a month after, if not sooner after they got married. Men are just money makers to her just like she learned from being a stripper. She's not bi she's full lesbian her body is how she makes her money she plays men to get what she wants.

  8. She had all this plan from the start. She knew her marriage wasn't going last,so she got into a relationship with Musk. That if things don't go according to plan in the courts. It would be alright as she has her baby with Musk that's her leverage to always have $$$ .

  9. Get that kid away from Amber. What a train wreck. Elon has cash but u can't prevent the damage Amber will inflict

  10. She wanted musk because the of the money duh. She spent most of Johnny's money time to move on to someone else who has money.

  11. A gold digger is a gold digger, Elon looks like a fool around Amber. She use Elon for good n now rumour of they hv a daughter! If they hv a daughter together she can squeeze Elon for long long time, but now Elon to r facing many issue with Tesla n tweeter

  12. Elon is a chump as well as every single guy she's slept with. So many because that's the only way she could advance her career & get dirt on people to use later to blackmail them. She's cheated on Johnny numerous times. He did not deserve that. She married Johnny to get ahead & take him for what he's worth. Or worse to ruin his life. She's a disgusting, evil, violent, aggressive narcissist!!

  13. Again you recover old news and don't let us know what we see on your thumbnail……we all know everything…..I guess Musk is the father right now I don't care…I'm shutting this down…

  14. There is something that doesn't make sense? When were these embryos created? If Elon was finished with AH, then HOW the Flip, did AH get the embryo and have AH sister prego and completely follow thru with the pregnancy? Dont you need the permission Elon to retrieve the embryo to prego AH sister?
    If my relationship is over with Heard (if I'm Elon) I wouldn't want my SPERM used? Elon Musk had to have given permission for his Sperm to be used.. She used this baby to be close to Elon's money, she planned this all along. Why have your eggs and sperm frozen, unless Heard seduced Elon thinking they were going to be together, and Elon said he wasn't ready to take that step YET… AH used Depp to get into the movie business and Elon was used for his money.. and Sperm. 😪

  15. But, money cannot buy morals or self respect. Her evilness overpowered her looks it seeps through. I hope Mr depp continues with his new life and does not respond to her interviews.

  16. Why would feel sorry for this man he was sleeping with another man's wife
    Get a life please

  17. JD’s legal team proved that AH planned this whole thing when she found out JD started divorce proceedings…the evidence they provided and most importantly proved how she planned it step by step…. it’s AH’s stupidity and countless lies that buried her…once you lie to cover for lies it’s the beginning of the end….stories and once allies who at first believe you and willing to lie on your behalf start to see the deception….once that happens they abandoned you and all that credibility is gone…AH had not one credible witness as well as expert witness to prove her delusional fantasy story of DV that she suffered for years apparently…from one year of a blissful relationship to a relationship that had DV from the very start according to her ever changing testimonies under perjury….so which one is it AH please make up your mind… like I said too many lies become an orgy of outlandish sexual and domestic abuse that never happened except in her head….to the extent to only cruel destroy the man that loved her only for her to not love him…he gave her a way out but she didn’t want it….she wanted to clear her integrity in the publics eye never mind about her husbands it’s all about her as always….

  18. Are you going crazy? Leave the girl alone, she just had a baby, the baby has nothing to do with your hate. Go home and grow up.