Elon Musk Shocks the Media by Announcing His 2024 Voting Plans | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares the news that Elon Musk voted Republican for the first time when he voted for Mayra Flores. He then shocked his followers by saying he currently plans to vote for Ron DeSantis in the 2024 election.


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  1. Dems
    2016…white gays are no longer a part of LGBT
    2020…women can have penises
    2024…Latinos are now white supremacists?

  2. Biden seems to not be changing course on any of these policies that are obviously hurting the average American and more. It is clear to everyone that there's going to be a major Red Wave in 2025 . This makes me wonder why he and his Democrats are not changing course on anything? Could it be that they already know that no matter what happens they already have the 2025 election in the bag???
    Have any of you considered this?

  3. Turning Republican is one thing, but endorsing Desantis is lunacy. The guy is a far right nut. I just lost all respect for Musk

  4. Elon has an agenda,I predict he will vote democrat in 24, but for now he is gleefully watching as both sides go nuts with his announcement. by saying desantis Elon has potentially split the conservative voters in different directions possibly leading to a democrat win(which I believe was his intent)the midterms aren't decided yet,Biden will solve or fix one issue and look like a hero "first create the problem then be the solution" the democrat mantra. I predict Elon will not vote for a conservative candidate not even desantis.elon loves to stir shit up,it's his thing his superpower.remember folks Elon did not become the richest man on the planet by selling Tesla cars,even if he got 100% profit from every Tesla the math isn't there,it was tax dollars our tax dollars American taxpayer dollars that got him there the car was bait the jingling keys that got our attention away from Obama handing him billions $$$.remember folks,there will not ever be charging stations all over America because that would mean we could travel be free to move about the country.(Dems are taking freedoms away not giving us more)obama once said "we need to move out of rural areas and back into the urban cities and people need to stop taking long cross country trips".(it's on YouTube somewhere look for yourselves) the electric car will limit travel especially with 8 to 12 hrs charging times plus creating the grid for those charging stations is just not feasible especially in the middle of nowhere which America has lots of.ponder this…who is in Bidens "ear" giving him instructions?…..wake up america.

  5. One branch of the Democrats like to use the term Latinx, which demonstrates they know almost no Spanish, and which is an atrocity to most Latinos.

  6. "how can these people be called racist?"

    Simple. President Obama declared that George Zimmerman was a white hispanic. Want to defame the US citizens of Spanish ancestory? Call 'em white hispanics! Or white latinx. That should shame them and insult them into voting Democrat!

  7. RonDesantis is a swamp creature with a suit. I wouldn’t vote for him to run hell.
    Trump 2024

  8. Let's be clear and explicit here. Democrats are not Democrats anymore. Even calling them Democrats is a massively disingenuous thing. We need to start calling them what they're; the Communist Party of America, CPA for short. Calling them anything less than that is dangerous to our Democratic Republic and humanity as a whole.

    because TRUMP KNOW who they are … what they are … they WILL NEVER WIN …
    Let DONALD JHON TRUMP finish the problem as a PRESIDENT of AMERICA … de SANTIS help as a VICE PRESIDENT of AMERICA …

  10. Democrats are purposely destroying America and freedom. Can't blame Elon for choosing good over evil.

  11. I still don’t trust Musk. His Teslas depend on China for the mining and production of lithium batteries. Does he have a plan for that?

  12. Oh and many of them descend from people who were there when that part of Texas was actually Mexico.

  13. Cant tell you how much I appreciate a normal gay man, not out there making a fool of himself…I'm still looking for one. I live my life as a human being, a man, and some moral foundation not a freak of nature looking for acceptance in the wrong way…..