Mayra Flores FLIPS Blue District RED, Thanks ELON MUSK As He Hints He’ll Vote DeSantis In 2024

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Republican Mayra Flores’ campaign for Texas’ 34th congressional seat.

Mayra Flores photo courtesy of Mayra Flores For Congress

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  1. HR1, and the so-called "voting rights" Bill that Dems tried to pass had multiple measures in it that would make it even harder for third-party candidates

  2. Paleese Bri! "Anti-vax" has nothing to do with political party and everything to do with SCIENCE! Go look at the studies and data from countries around the world and the actual Pfizer documents!

  3. I think musk has woken up and is done with the left and they’re insatiable appetite to want communism in America!

  4. We don't want bigger government. We don't want socialism. We don't want you confusing our kids. We want to work and provide a safe place for our families.

    Locking down and calling people non essential showed the democrats don't care about the regular guy.

  5. I thought the media loved to support women and minorities in office.. guess not if they are Republican lol

  6. It's incredibly awful when I hear Dem talking points about wage increase, when they just increased the cost of everything on everybody, and made us ALL poorer. How about a tax break? What? Is giving you more of the money you make like what Trump would do? Because that's exactly what he did. Remember, they get wage increases, we get food and energy cost increases. You kinda went past our wage increases with the cost of Gas and food last year. Long before you gave (G)uns to another country, to defend their children, while telling me I'm the bad guy for wanting to protect kids in schools with security.

  7. What no one but alternative media says is that she outspent her opponent 16 to 1! That is a huge factor! The Dems need to get their outreach together because was awful in 2020, but the money and lies and scare tactics on radio and social media are the biggest drivers!

  8. Trump is exiting the stage? That's news to me, does Robbie know something the rest of us don't?

  9. Enough with Bernie.. ive never seen a socialist who is worth millions and has multiple homes. Shut up already with Bernie and Universal Healthcare Care..Ask Canadians who have waited for 6 months for a mri how much they love their "free Healthcare "

  10. Structural Issues and Problems for Third Parties exist mostly in Presidential and State-level (US Senator, Governor, etc.) though, and are less relevant in Midterm Elections when it's mostly State Offices and Legislative Seats up for grabs. Gonna be an Interesting Election for sure, this year.

  11. As a Mexican-American myself born in California I completely 100% support Mayra Flores. God bless you Mayra for your hard work and congratulations on your victory.

  12. After what the Dems did to Elon what do you expect, If someone hates me I will not vote for him, and we have just 2 choices!

  13. Democrats in Texas are so dense that they think they can win with fake Hispanic white guy Beto O'Rourke.

  14. Race-hustlin, transgendering, open-borderin Demoncrats better quake in ya'lls birkenstocks.

  15. I'm glad things like this are happening. For the longest time the democrats have just assumed minorities are going to vote for them. And hopefully this stops the rhetoric that everyone on the right is inherently racist. And would be nice if it starts to break up the two party system.

  16. I am with Elon on this. The Democratic establishment is committed to destroying populism and rationality. Used to be excited about Yang, but I'm a realist, and we need to defeat Democrats, so I will be voting Republican from now on.

  17. Time is right to replace all the old in government as we need the young with fresh ideas in congress .

  18. Really dying to know why progressives think Bernie Sanders is the answer to all political problems that face America. You do know that he purposely quit running, twice, when he was ahead during campaigning? What makes you think he has the fortitude to push policy through the DC sausage grinder when he doesn’t have the testicles to stand up to the puppet masters of the swamp?

  19. The right is accepting anyone that will fight for causes they believe in, regardless of other stances.

    The left requires you to follow everything they believe or you're a racist Trumper.

    That is what is happening. Musk didn't move right. Rogan isn't some MAGA lover. The left disavowed them and the right has embraced the messages they like.

  20. Democrats will shut down boarder when they realize even black brown people want to live in safe country and have a job

  21. Mayra Flores said nothing about healthcare or low wages. All she did was talk about immigration. There's so many people here in south Texas on Obama care or are uninsured.

  22. Great news. Well done Mayra. The Hispanics are waking up and getting off the Democrat plantation. If only the black vote would do the same.