Democrats STUNNED After HISTORIC GOP WIN In Texas As Elon Musk Endorses Ron DeSantis For President!

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Billionaire Elon Musk confirmed his official political stance on Wednesday morning, revealing he made the plunge into his first-ever vote for a Republican candidate and hopes to do the same in his vote for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president in 2024.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said he cast his ballot for the first Mexican-born congresswoman, Mayra Flores, who emerged victorious in Tuesday’s special election.

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  1. What are yall's thoughts on the historic GOP victory in Texas and Elon Musk endorsing Ron DeSantis for President?!

  2. Biden is not running in 2024. We all know it. Comparing Trump with him is not productive.

  3. I'm a 62 year old whyt gentile guy. I fully endorse this candidate. We need a lot more real reps choosing to truly represent their districts instead of playing politics to get rich on the side. It surely doesn't hurt that she is far more skilled in public speaking than our current diaper master grumpy joe.

  4. I'm glad the valley is waking up we need to take back our community were no longer allowing it to be fed we see the border more than our president we know what it is its what we needed puro 956 💯💯

  5. As much as I love my President, Donald J. Trump. I actually agree with this decision. I've been telling my friends since Sippy Cup Joe was elected that the Republican's would be smart to have DeSantis as president, Greg Abbott or Pence as Vice. I'd then make Trump Secretary Of State. A position for which I think he would be ideal due to his connections, and "take no shit," "America First" agenda

  6. We Latinos were raised as conservative as nobody else can be. Either catholic or evangelical, we value life and family through Christian lenses, but we are being lied like the African American communities are being lied. We should exterminate the marxist ideology in America.

  7. By their own logic they should be labeling themselves racist for not supporting a woman of color making history . Just a bunch of hypocrites.

  8. I love this!!! I hope that one day the Republican Party will be as diverse as the Democratic Party. So we can do away with identity politics!!!!

  9. Gavin Newsom, David Campos, Victoria Escobar and Nancy Pelosi really do not like this news.

  10. As a conservative hispanic american that lives in texas, she will have to make positive moves before i give her props. Winning means nothing to me, lets see how fast she will be bought and paid for.

  11. Democrats better be worried as more and more Hispanics are gravitating to Republican. Now if only African-Americans can wake up and see how the Democrats have been using them for decades.

  12. She ran against other Latinos too so this is Great but DemonRats r Corrupt & will be stealing votes so if Republicans dont do nothing they will steal elections.

  13. Congrats, Mayra. Good luck! From someone in Veronica Escobar's district. Hope you know there are many of us here in El Paso who are very happy and excited about your win.

    Sadly Veronica Escobar is my rep. And as Mayra said, neither Veronica Escobar nor AOC represent our values. They represent their party. Yes they are Latinas, but they act like all of us Latinas are democrats and think like them. That's not the case for me. I relate more with Mayra.

  14. She's a MAGA girl which shows the New Republican party is the way forward on OUR PRINCIPLES (Christian conservative values, gun rights, strong border & stopping illegals, bringing jobs to the community, pro life, anti-big government, Patriotism, traditional American values, anti-wokeness) we don't need to change our messaging or pander.

  15. Guess this might be a bit greedy but i want to see 4 years of trump followed by 8 years of desantis. Fingers crossed

  16. The delusional Democrats thought all their BS would make people want to vote for them and it did just the opposite.

  17. It's kinda halarious. Democrats have been screaming that Republicans gerrymandered districts by not including illegals in the census to draw the districts.

    They took Trump to court to force it, giving the LEGAL Americans in the most overrun places a bigger voice.

    Turns out Republicans DO like immigrants and people in those areas DO know the difference. They voted for the wall.

    If the rest of those areas go the same way, they have successfully lost their seats for the next 10 years, at least.

    The only way they'll be able to go back to re gerrymander the districts to help Dems they'll have to
    …..wait for it…..reduce the illegal immigrants in those areas. 🤣😂

  18. Wow. Brilliant and what a great choice Elon Musk made with her. God bless you and bless your first term.

  19. Congrats to her for winning,I really hope the house and Senate are taken by Republicans and block this brain dead lying HATEFUL Anti American we have in the white house