GOP Just FLIPPED Historic Democrat District, Elon Musk Votes GOP And Says RED WAVE Coming In Midterm

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  1. If Hispanics start voting republican we can expect the democrats to start supporting the wall and stronger immigration limits.

  2. Anyone foreign born should be barred from elections, whether it be running or voting.
    This isn't a victory, it's further degradation of the country.

  3. I hope more Democrats wake up to the reality of what the party represents and how it is controlling minorities. Look at all the emotions that were stirred up and all the promises and rhetoric. Has anything changed in those places? Are people being treated better in those Democratic Stronghold cities since Biden's win? I want to hope they are but it doesn't seem to be the reality (perhaps I'm wrong).

  4. Tim it will only get better from here. I pay every day for the physical fun I enjoyed in my 20s. Pain is just the universe reminding you that you are still alive. The grumpy old man isn't grumpy just because he is old.

  5. If democrats are getting blown out in districts where they have an advantage. This is gonna be a red flood. No one wants to stupid ass goofy climate policy, we need new infrastructure, not immigrants.

  6. I want to see how the Left will downgrade this person since she doesn't fit their mold.

  7. Let me tell all the giddy Republicans that are excited about the prospects of a red wave – you are delusional. The leftist Democrats are going to cheat – especially in districts with huge populations of legal and illegal immigrants. There are simply too many available ballots that will not be used by their owners (I.e immigrants are less likely to vote at all) so the leftist political machine will vote on their behalf. They will secure plenty of ballots, fill them out ahead of time and insert them into the voting process that they control in number sufficient to win – just like they did in last year’s presidential race. Go watch 2000 mules if want an idea of just how easy it will be and how hard it is to stop – especially when leftist control the voting apparatus. This is why – regardless of how badly things go in places like Chicago – the voters never seem to get angry, wake up, and vote the other guys into office. Once these urban centers go leftist Democrat they never return to the center much less the right – not EVER! And, for states that have enough population in cites to overwhelm the rural areas – those also NEVER return to the center or right side of the political spectrum. California is an example. Soon I fear Texas will die from its own success. Every year we pull in new companies from blue states – bringing in their hordes of leftist workers. They have already turned the cities blue – it’s only a matter of time before we grow our way to political death. When the states go to the left you get permanently install mechanisms for vote cheating – like ballot harvesting and motor-voter for illegals. This essentially means we will never see another president from the center or the right. What you are witnessing is the formation of tyranny.

  8. Just an idea: Elon should start a company that builds voting machines and then replace the Dominion ones.

  9. I've got a friend who works the poles in Tracy, CA and he's thinking of quitting because of the shenanigans they've been pulling. He gave me a list of like 20 instances of shit he'd never been asked in 12 years for the General Election. And he had more shit during primary, general and recall elections and each was worse than the last. Orders from the Registrar. That's a democrat stronghold and their cheating. I've got a few other friends in other states who are telling me the same and only one was a swing state.

  10. I don't want a majority – a slim majority would be fine, just to offset any stupid shit Dems are gonna try to pull with brain dead calling the shots but I don't want them blamed for Dems mistakes. I'd rather the big red wave happen in '24

  11. M855 AR15 5.56 mm ammo has been suspended by the federal government. BETTER grab it while you can I just ordered another 3000 rounds.

  12. OLD?? Give me a break! You were born in the 1980's, right? I'm not even that old.

  13. She was not born in the US…..How is she going to vote unbiased on things regarding mexico?

  14. Dimawit congresscritter for NY considers this female a white racist. I wonder how many zuckerbucks racist POS Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) gets.

  15. After everything I've seen I have basically no doubt that we've got a massive red wave coming, my only concern is that I don't have much faith at all that they're gonna be much better. I can see republicans getting in and just sitting on it doing nothing for most of the term, or even if they go full steam ahead with a sensible economic plan there's enough damage done that you won't see things really fixed anytime soon.