Secretly In Love? Elon Musk Contacts Amber After Feeling Lonely

Elon Musk Accused Of Contacting Amber Heard After Reportedly Feeling Lonely
Elon Musk Accused Of Contacting Amber Heard After Reportedly Feeling Lonely! Elon Musk has allegedly been accused of contacting Amber Heard after he felt lonely! Has his breakup with Grimes left him more emotionally vulnerable than he makes it seem? Watch on to find out.

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  1. Elon nooooooo!!! I would lose all respect! But something tells me he’s smart enough to protect his money, let’s hope 🤞

  2. Musk is no angel He was having an affair with AH during the marriage As for Ukraine, Putin has liberated the Ukrainians from the evil AZOVs/ Nazi Khazerians who terrorised the people for 8 years, using citizens as human medical guinea pigs and he has destroyed over 40 bio labs ( using Cabal funds) to develope pathogens to destroy humanity .CHYNA is where the C19 virus cane from, in Ukraine

  3. Apparently she has
    some dirt on video of Elon , she can use to Blackmail him. Don't know if story truth or lies .
    Plus the kid is his Amber will always get whatever she demands from Elon . There ya go $$$

  4. please inform yourself correctly before say things, the right amount that she has to pay JD is 8,35 million not 13 million, accuracy makes trust

  5. He surely is not that stupid?? She used him up one side and down the other. If he falls for her again then he deserves what he gets!!

  6. EM can call me if he's lonely..I'm blonde and pretty but compassionate and it wont cost him a cent..Many men fall into traps like he has done with AH..Women like her know all the right things to say and hook you in..I have read a lot about EM over the years and he seems like a decent guy..AH will always hurt him but the right person will come along soon enough if he takes his time.

  7. As far as the speculation about Elon being the father of Amber's daughter, there was a freaking lawsuit that the two of them were involved in over what was going to happen to the embryos so in my mind, that goes just a bit beyond speculation. With regard to Elon being "lonely"…he needs to be careful. He's showing vulnerability that puts a bullseye on his back for every Amber Heard out there looking for a rich, lonely guy seeking love, that they can take advantage of. And everyone knows his weakness is that he "loves a pretty face."

  8. They so suited, not one iota of decency. No matter how much money you have, class is something you born with, same as respect is due when deserving and no because of monetary value. Shameless

  9. Guy brain is between his legs…But she like cats…And she'll be a good actor in bed .

  10. He’s not that smart and ppl shouldn’t take his investment statements seriously. He only looking out for his own interest.

  11. He gave them the old models that were cancelled out and charged 100x for them looolz. He better take care of that baby she obviously cant.

  12. She's going to talk to him long enough to get the money and deeper in his pockets and then she'll be gone. He will become an abuser as well I imagine.

  13. Wow! Elon must want to be used! Also abused. Amber will only use him for $$$ and abuse him. Is he crazy??? Is he crazy.? She will use him to pay her legal fees and that will be that. She is a user or love them and leave them motto. Or use and abuse. Elon better watch out.!!

  14. He must be a very brilliant man, but if he’s hooking up with AH again he’s a fool. She admitted using him.

  15. code for my money can help you if you open up your legs or I need your money so am willing to get back now


  17. PLEASE…rocket man and amber heard now 2 emotionally handicapped cry babies ? Boehoe..EM please stop saying you re stupid enough or blind enough to start calling her again !! You used to be a genius hero..this is baby stuff…hope you still get your rocket up…really you re sliding at the speed of light…control yourself

  18. I thought he was smart, guess not if he is planning to get involved with her again. Also, I think he should back off threatening Russia. The Ukrainian nazis are dying & surrendering, he has to face it.

  19. Elon get a dog costs less and does not argue or beg for mony only milk bone treats

  20. Amber evil clever she can ask Elon help her pay off Johnny Depp .. He rich billions man ..i know amber still using Elon .. She ex gay lesbian etc