Libs Of TikTok Just BUSTED Insane Twitter Employees In Leaked Messages & Elon Musk Is NOT Happy!

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  1. I can see in the near future where "hate speech" laws and "protected classes" (due to the abuse they naturally produce, which give us a two tiered system of justice). In addition a nation crackdown on pedophilia and the harming of children (including the threat of doing so either expressed or implied), and its allies with CPS brought in. Boy, is that going to produce protest marches and and Twitter shit storm.

  2. Jesus, I don’t like to really straight up hate people, but I really hate these bastards

  3. The word Pride being tossed around like it’s some wonderful thing when it’s in this context, makes me want to vomit 🤮, it’s being removed from my vocabulary

  4. Twitter Staff: "You cannot defeat us!"
    Libs of TikTok: "I know…but he can!"
    [Elon Musk appears in the distance]

  5. Who would even be scared of a liberal threat lol. They can’t do anything but run their mouth.

  6. I'm on the side of humanity and innocence the left are guilty of crimes against humanity as are the right…but atleast the right admit when they are wrong

  7. Sometimes I get angry responding to someone’s posts. I may even call them stupid but It never occurs to me to wish death or sickness on someone. Worries me that the mental state of so many are imbalanced and I think social media may at least be partially to blame.

  8. So they actually believe there is a genocide against trans people? 😂Yeah, that wouldn’t be on the news or anything!

  9. Gunshow comics has a sequel to “This is fine” which is also the series grand finale. The way leftists keep pursuing self destructive behavior makes me think it deserves it own meme attention comparing these morons to the stupid kids who break into the ghostly attic.

  10. It is purely your opinion that it's okay for people to act in such a way. Morals ethics and True values based in the Creator say different and most people do not agree with you believe it or not most people think that's a disgusting point of view. Sitting on the fence will cost you your eternal soul.

  11. With the conservatives, it's not typically anything serious. Gafs, misspeaks, and possibly being caught in a lie. Normal human things.

    These clowns are literally showing you how they don't care about being part of society, how far out they are mentally, how extremely radical they are.

  12. These birdbrains' exchanges reveals how delusional they are. They're incapable of separating hysterical fears from reality. Musk will not succeed unless he moves Twitter HQ out of California from which any sane person who can, is leaving.

  13. This country is long overdue for a massive culling. Leftists should evaporate up the smoke stacks.

  14. These creeps are just grooming kids. Take them 2 hundred miles into the desert & leave them there without phones & water.

  15. Telling someone to self off isn't a death threat and never will be so I hope they weren't using those as examples because that's the hysterical far left definition of it and it's wrong.

  16. I jus made a Twitter this year to keep in the loop with crypto. I didn't care about followers or celebrities and not even a day I was getting bot followers all women of course lol smfh one of the worse social sites I joined imo

  17. LibsOfTiktok never did anything wrong. All she did was repost woke TikTok’s. They were already on the internet.

  18. Threatening to torture someone, in the same manner that one of the most notorious pedophiles, tortured and killed an infant…. In response to a slight satire of the ideology they support….. Who else but the left 😀 ? ? ? They're the good guys remember!?!?!?

  19. I absolutely love libs of tic tock. She is great and all she does is point out the stupidity of the left and they can’t stand it- as far as Musk I would fire anyone who said anything stupid on there and just start all over with a whole new set of employees

  20. Thought cyber bullying was a crime funny how they choose what laws they want to enforce

  21. That bit about genocide is nuts, transpeople are not a race, that statement right there proves that libs don't care about what words actually mean.

  22. Twitter HQ is a shining example of how many children there are in the world playing as adults.

  23. Oh how could the Austrian Housepainter have gathered such support from the German people. As Exhibit A, I give you the employees of Twitter.
    All you need for people to do all the evil in the world, is give them a false sense of righteousness in destroying helpless other. When the pendulum swings back, we must strive not become these kinds of people.

  24. Jeremy, drag is designed to allure and groom children. Every bit of its nature was designed explicitly for that purpose. Drag is bad, in its entirety.

  25. I like how Lorenz is a menopausal privileged white woman that acts like shes still in high school.

  26. Why is it you can't tell the Fraggles apart? Are they born that way or is it an acquired look?

  27. Cut off the internet for a few years. Get things back to paper and pen, type writers, file cabinets, no smartphones, use the post office, libraries, Nintendo and Sega Genesis and gameboy, Playboy and Penthouse, MTV and VH1 played only music, WWF, WCW.

    Yes at one point in time, thats how life was.