Elon Musk INVADES Twitter All Hands On Deck Meeting & He Is NOT Happy!

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  1. Elon should replace the block button with an ignore button so that people would not power play the block button and censor people. If a person doesn't want to talk to a person, it should not mean that another be censored completely.

  2. Twitter staff sits down at big long table. Each seat has an empty glass in front of it. Elon enters the room and takes his seat at the head of the table.
    "Thank you for coming everyone." he says as he opens a can of La Croix and takes a big gulp.
    "First order of business, let's address the elephant in the room. You all might be wondering why there is an empty glass in front of you."
    He takes another sip of his La Croix. A slight grin creeps up on his face.
    "It occurs to me that many of you here have been quite salty about my recent acquisition of the company, and I have decided to conduct a little experiment to determine just how salty you are."
    He glugs down the rest of his beverage and compacts the can Aussie style on his forehead, and tosses the flattened can down the table.
    "As it stands currently, each and every one of you is on the chopping block. To save yourself from termination, you must perform one simple task…"
    He beckons to one of the empty glasses on the table…
    "Cry me a beverage! The first 5 people who can cry enough tears to fill the glass to the black line, get to keep their jobs. The rest of you are fired! You have 10 minutes to quench my thirst. Let the salt flow!"

  3. I don't know, this Elon dude looks kind of confusing to me. I mean, on one side he makes the "right" declarations, he gets controvertial and "pisses off" the right people on the internet and so on but whe you go and do the homework, the real math doesn't add up at best. This guy is a bussiness man for sure, a merchant at heart and very successfull at it, but that doesn't mean he is a good person or thet he is a nice human being. If anything "he" himself is his best product, he has an awesome PR legal team that cleans up after him 24/7, otherwise the multiple declarations of abuse, underpay, exploitation, etc., from current employees and ex workers would not fall on deaf ears in the media or court. Even court has ruled on his favor after publicly defamating rescuers for making him look bad by doing manually something he wanted to do with high tech. With taxes and evation I wont even start, he is even worse than some old school living fosils.
    Now, even if all the above is false or missconstructed, just by looking at his cars one can see the math doesn't add up. Lets give the dangerous battery a pass because eventually it will become safe enough, lets hope. Now, the engine might be CO2 friendly but the car itself isn't as green as it's portrayed, independently it's been proven that making them generates way more CO2 than a fuel car, and recicling or disposing them adds even more because it needs special treatment. Even worse is the fact that TESLA motors actively encourages the owners, after a couple of years, to not fix or repare the car but to BUY the new model instead.
    That isn't green at all, that's crazy. If the enviroment is to be saved by this high tech cool progressive visionares, then why not make a sturdy durable product (car) instead of one that has the lifespan of a tablet? and all the industry vices as well (you don't own the product, just the hardware, the software is just a temporary lease)
    There's even more but lets leave it at that. If the dude can do something positive regarding the freedom of speech and Twitter, awesome, but I woudn't let him off sight, just in case. Hope for the best, good luck.

  4. I poured coffee brand coffee's coco on my bed now all my friends think I'm dating amber heard 👍

  5. Sitting next to someone in the office?????
    You mean looking over their shoulder right!!!!

  6. I think Twitter, of all the Big Tech companies, IS populated by lunatic Leftists. The leaks out of Twitter seem to show that the Leftists are pretty much the default and anyone who is not is keeping their heads down so that they are not purged. I heard from someone talking about the Twitter buyout by Musk that he might have seen Twitter's future applicability for space travel. When humans eventually do leave the planet to explore Mars and farther, communication will become a lot more difficult as the distances slow down the return times of responses. Twitter's character limit would then function as an application similar to the telegraph in interplanetary communication.

  7. "You have to give twitter a little bit of time to react" uh no, from what I understand conservatives on twitter they get blocked almost immediately so these people making threats can be blocked just as quickly

  8. I’ve gained 1000 followers in a decade with 20k tweets lol. IG is even worse I’ve been stuck at same number for years. No Matter how many followers I gain, always drop back to Same #. And don’t get me started on other platforms. They definitely pick and choose who gets views. Who doesn’t, can you spell communist

  9. Work from home depends on many variables and is most def not optimal for everyone. Been there.

  10. If Elon ever meets these lunatics in person he should wear a bulletproof vest and take some heavy bodyguards! I'm convinced some loony leftist is gonna try and attack him.

  11. There needs to be a bloodletting. Identify the lunatics and the dead weight and let them begone.

  12. Elon Musk annoy the hell out of me and he an Trump supporter as well. He made it very clear he will unban Trump once he take over twitter

  13. I'm not happy the economy sucks, but that doesn't mean I won't remind my lib siblings that I told them exactly what was going to happen.

  14. Quitting your job in protest of a boss you don't like (and, let's be honest, probably doesn't like you) isn't effective protest… you're just making their life easier, since they don't have to mess with you now. Never understood the hubris required to think that you're so important that someone who doesn't like you will suffer when you leave. ???

  15. Let all tweeter employees quit… For everyone of them there are 5 wanting their job.
    They are not like ENGINEERS at tesla or SpaceX

  16. Did you have to use the lame ass overwatch music?
    Also "I don't think everyone at Twitter is a lunatic", yeah you are completely wrong there. It is a good thing E. Musk is doing a virtual interview because if he stepped foot instead that building they would kill him and dispose the body.

  17. He's going to buy it! He's just taking his time and exposing them for what they are! It's a good strategy!
    The morons expected him just to pay them and be done with it! Big Mistake!
    Now we know that most of the suspicions were true! They keep showing their true colors!
    They are quitting their jobs because they think that somebody else will hire them inmediately! That's the way their mind works!
    Nuff Said!

  18. Dude you are getting pathetic with your titles and stories. I like your content, I watch quite regularly but come on. You complain about the left going overboard with their statements and you are just as bad. You have turned into a low grade muck show like The Sun trash paper. “They tried to kill me” come on man!

  19. the multibillionaire is not your personal saviour.
    it doesn't know you exist and it wouldn't care either.
    for the moment your views align with its interests.
    don't mistake this for friendship.

  20. They aren't quitting to "pwn the conservatives." They'd only quit because the entire reason they keep the job is the power it allows them to lord over conservatives and others that disagree with them. If that power they're abusing gets removed, they don't want to work there anymore.

  21. If you know a corporate take over is coming, you stay put until it's over and you keep your job or get a severance. Quitting before hand is stupid.

  22. Social media ruined the left. They've gone off the deep end of insanity and circular think.

  23. Until he closes the deal Twatter is going to continue to do fascist crap. They are betting they can get him to pay top dollar for their inferior product & run with the money.

  24. Unless someone is buying a company specifically b3 ause of certain employees, "quitting in protest" is nothing more a narcissist expressing their bloated feeling of self importance.

  25. My particular job, work from home is great, I work IT, I still do the exact same job, I just no longer waste my time spending an hour commuting to work, and an hour commuting home from work, I'm also able to focus on my job and am free from distractions, some people can't focus on work though, I'm all for the option to work from home, for those like myself who are able to keep focused and do the same job.

  26. 97% of political donations from twitter employees are towards Democrats (so it's probably not the case that most are normal) its also above 90% for elons current companies…