How Elon Musk Learnt To Code

How Elon Musk Learnt To Code
In this video I share the story of how Elon Musk learnt to code and how it has been one of the fundamentals that has helped him build some of the most successful companies in the world.


  1. “While Musk had excelled as a self-taught coder, his skills weren’t nearly as polished as those of the new hires. They took one look at Zip2’s code and began rewriting the vast majority of the software. Musk bristled at some of their changes, but the computer scientists needed just a fraction of the lines of code that Musk used to get their jobs done. They had a knack for dividing software projects into chunks that could be altered and refined whereas Musk fell into the classic self-taught coder trap of writing what developers call hairballs—big, monolithic hunks of code that could go berserk for mysterious reasons. ” Fron this book: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

  2. Although he didn't have google when creating the game, you have to remember his father was a software engineer and could've assisted him in stuff he didn't when starting to code.

  3. It's the ability to take action and build something without being dependent on others' support or approval.

  4. He also found time to make Babies and 1 baby went to Heaven. That was very difficult. So he has gone through alot in life.

  5. I am self studying English and it is hard. I've got everything in this video but I am still heavily struggling when it comes to speaking.

  6. Hej Kalle @Hardcoded I think you are a very good YouTuber (I'm subscribed to your original channel since a long time) and you seem to know your coding well, but you seem to have fallen for the Musk hype. (Even some of the claims of Musk's programming prowess.) Here are some starter videos for you (everything can be backed up by news articles and court documents btw):

    1) Debunking Elon Musk part 1:

    2) Debunking Elon Musk part 2:

    3) Elon Musk: RICHEST MAN ON EARTH!!:

    Anyhow, keep up the videos.

    Med vänliga hälsningar,

  7. My journey to start coding : I have a diploma in civil engineering (family manipulation). I was interested in computer since childhood.
    I started learning C during pandemic. Then I tried C++ (HARDER THAN I THOUGHT). Then I moved to Java (Easier than C++) but you have to learn different packages Java EE etc. Then I tried web development (HTML, CSS , JAVASCRIPT). I think I like JavaScript and would like to continue with it. Recently I finished learning React and created my first web app. It's not that awesome but It gave me confidence that I can build something on my own. The best and tricky part was fixing bugs. Sometimes It took me 8-10 hrs to figure out what's wrong and to find solution on stack overflow. It took me 2 and half year to be where I am.
    Now I have started freelancing as a front end developer. For everyone else I may be failure who stares at his pc 6-8 hrs a day but I know how much progress I have made, how much I have improved. I will continue to learn and improve everyday.

  8. I also really relate to Elons journey. We got a ZX Spectrum in the 80s through which I taught myself using the manuals and the coding magazines Basic and Z80 assembler. Built my own printer driver in Z80 assembler when I was 15. Gained a degree in Physics but then started a career in Software Engineering in the 90s. Now I am a successful digital architect but software and digital engineering is still the red thread through my career. I'm no Elon Musk but that digital thread has served me very well throughout my career.

  9. As somebody who also got into software development through gaming, I found Elon’s coding journey to be very relatable. Thanks for the vid!